Ryan Atkins, please make a new video

Yeah, so i don’t know if you are on the forums, but if so, it would be nice if you could make a new youtube video, the ones you have are great, and if there were more that would be awesome!


I agree. I have watched every vid you have made that I could get my paws on hundreds of times.

I love you!

Woo! Yeah, Ryan! You have a league of fanboys that want new footage. :wink:

Yeah Ryan, Make a new video! Everybody likes your videos!

Other rider that i miss is Zack Baldwin… Where is this guy???


If you read this thread, do as it says. If you know him and your reading this thread, tell him.

We need more videos of you. Recently all we have had is vids of joe hodges and fabian mark to look foward to but your riding is far nicer to watch.


Word! Ryan, get Zack back into riding, and then make a video of both of your talents combined. Haha!

Yeah, I miss watching Zack’s uni antics. I don’t think he rides much these days at all.

Yeah! make another video! you rock!

Well hes around atleast, its just a matter of him seeing this thread. He posted a thread in the trade forum a few days ago: Wheels for Sale

I put a link to this thread in that thread, he will see this thread and he will make another vid, our prayers will be answered :slight_smile:

Why doesn’t someone just PM him, then he would definitely see the message?!

Does anyone have any links to previous vids of his, or with him in?

Even if you guys really really wanted him to, its still his decision, hes a busy guy with school and other things on the go. Plus not everyone owns a video camera, and if you havn’t been to Ottawa recently then I guess you didn’t notice the rediculous amounts of snow we have still.

Exactly, up here in the “north” it is white stuff in the winter…and you cant ride clean streets until like the middle of April…

i live in canada too. I understand the heavy snow problem you are having in the east, but i am not trying to whine at him until he makes a video, i am just saying that we all enjoy seeing him ride, and it would be nice if he could make a new video (at his leisure).

I would just like to take this chance to laugh (good naturedly of course) at
eastern Canada, Ha!
You and your snow.