Ryan Atkins or Zack Baldwin

Joe did hop a bike rack once, they were 8 rails I think.
Very nice to see.



The last trial competition Ryan and Joe did together had Ryan won. I am thinking about the UniconXIII last summer.

We saw quite a lot of videos of Ryan and his increasing level since Defect but Zack didn’t appeared significantly (As far as i know). But in Defect i found Zack’s part more impressive and thought the lines he did, with the flow we could appreciate where harder.


if your talking hop height get rocco schlutz in their, can’t remember exactly what he hopped at the london ride but it was over 100cm seat in.

I donno, back in Zach’s prime, he was unbelievable.
Some people, I think, are forgetting he was a world champion.
Honestly if Zach still rode and continued to improve.
I would say Zach.

BUT he quit, so Ryan.


I know Zach was great, but I think that Ryans style etc is beter.


what about yoggi?


I think this was the only time Ryan and Zack where in a competition together.
At the time Zack become Worldchampion Ryan and Kris dont competet.

haha! I some women had their way, probably yes!:wink:

When did Zack quit?

Recently I have heard Joe has been doing SIF now, and has been getting 100cm ups with it. =p

I guess we just have to wait for Sponge to release the video of him to see his latest riding.

joe sends me a vid of him where he hop 104cm…:slight_smile:

Joe said to me he landed a 104cm hop seat under.
He prefers seat under anyway.


EDIT: bobouse beat me to it

Dang. 104 seat in is insane. Myabe I should stick to seat in =p

Have fun trying it Jerrick :stuck_out_tongue:


I will! :smiley:

Cant wait for the ice to go away, then I can practice more without slipping all the time.

Videos? I’ve seen Hodges ride in person and he is VERY good, but 104cm seat-in needs to be seen to be believed.

unless rolling. not really able to be done, unless they have a 36inch vert on there own. Then it would be easy but whatever.

-Shaun Johanneson

Good luck finding the video…

If people have seen this video, could they notice that the hop was seat out? I mean really guys, if you’ve seen the video come on!

Joe has changed to seat out for most of his big hops and has often used it for where there is small space (which makes sense). He still does seat in for his big pedal grabs.

Joes confident (or unaware) of whats around him and doesn’t think. (And can grind well.)

Ryan is different in style. He can hop higher than everyone (at the minute), but there are people close. Ryan won at UNICON and deserved it, he kicked ass.

Joe deserved second he kicked ass (except Ryans).

Zack has quit, or atleast doesn’t ride as often as others.


on the vid joe hop 104cm seat out

I need the vid …