Ryan Atkins or Zack Baldwin

Who do you think can hop higher onto a ledge, or over a bar?

Are you serious?


Ryan Atkins.

This thread is done.

Next question…

Who’s better at Muni?

Kris Holm or Nelson Mandela?

Nelson. By far. :slight_smile:

Who are they?

Kris Holm is a Skateboarder.

Nelson Mandela is the leader of North Korea.

That Atkins guy wrote a weight loss book and Zak is Alec Baldwin’s little brother!:wink:

You’re so creative for an old guy.

You’re three times my age and I could never make something up that good.

Why thank you! But if you consider 51 “old”, what would you call a 75 year old person? Jurassic? :sunglasses: The familiar addage, “life begins at 40” has apparently been updated to fifty! Yay! (Especially if I decide to vecome an author!) http://www.lulu.com/static/pr/5_12_05.php

Ryan Atkins

Trials overall. Also not a quitter.

Ancient, but close enough.

Haha, I like that last sentence.

Ha ha, well I think that most people would agree. But also most people wont know what you mean when you say he is a quitter, but yeah I guess that thread is floating around RSU somewhere.

And yes, Ryan is 1 billion times more oresomer at hopping big

How about Ryan vs. Joe Hodges?

Does that mean we should be able to “abort” people up until the age of 50?

Ryan would win.
But they are different style, you can’t realy compare.
Ryan: SIF
Joe: seat under


Well He did quit…but only 6 monthes,so I would call it a break .p


Officially Ryan is better than Joe and Ryan has a higher side hop, saying that, Joe is a fantastic rider and definately deserves the Number 2 spot.

Dont forget Kris he is incredible in trials also :).

Joe is more a Bike Trial Style rider I think he is not good at rails and stuff like that.