Rubber Pedals

I am reading ‘Ride the Unicycle’ by Gregg Vivolo and he suggests learning with rubber pedals. Has anyone tried this? Where can I find rubber pedals and how much do they cost? Thanks.


The rubber tears off of them I had a pair for about a day and they cost $10. They suck. get metal or plastic.

I’d imagine they’re for learning tricks that may hit your shins, seems a waste of cash to me though. Invest in some shin guards instead they’re worth it no matter what level you’re at.

They look flimsey

I think he means pedals that don’t have metal pins. Better yet, pedals without any pins. Those are for later. Look at the discount stores, they should have stuff like that, and they’ll be cheap!

I also have a pair of Freestyle pedals from Japan, with soft rubber ends and plastic treads with plastic pins, They’re great for any kind of indoor riding, but expensive.

Depending on the pedals you have, the pedal protector may be all you need. I use them on my DXpedals, and they really keep the pedals from being scraped up (and the basement floor :slight_smile: ) They come in some cool colors, also.