RTL Team Shirts

I thought I’d start a thread for folks to show their designs for their team logos & shirts (if you have one). Let’s see all those team shirts!

Our team (Personal Roller Coaster) is getting shirts from www.zazzle.com. They’re a site which allows you to get shirts with your own design, but one of the few that have dry-fit fabrics as an option. I got some nice shirts from there last year for our Lifestyles 24 hour race, so went with them again. Anyway, if anyone wants a copy of our design, they can get them at this link:

Here’s the main team logo design, anyway. There’s a small logo on the front pocket, and on the back, a large team logo with all the race info printed above.


I like the changes you made, Steve! Thanks for your artwork.
I know I’ll get two of those shirts. What size did you ordered for yourself?

Hey Vince. I got 2 medium dry-fits: 1 short sleeve and 1 long sleeve for me. Plus I got one golf shirt style for my dad (our support person), and kids’ T-shirts for my son and daughter. Once you go to the link, you can select any shirt to put the design onto.

RTL Team Logo

Here is a team logo design that I threw together. We’re all in different states so a team photo was out of the question unless it was from 1996. We may get some team jerseys printed up. Is it tacky to wear a jersey with your own face on it? Probably, but I’m all about endless shameless self-promotion.

I thought we had to wear jerseys during the race?

Now team shirts hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Team Goonies team photo was photoshopped (poorly) by me. Seeing how both Joe and Spencer are a few miles away in the UK.

Yeah I saw that. I thought it was pretty clever. I knew I wouldn’t be able to photoshop something like that and have it not look like it was photoshopped. I’m much better at graphic design stuff as opposed to realistic photo editing. I didn’t spend too much time on this logo but I was really pleased with how it turned out. If we get jerseys printed up, I’ll probably spend some more time on it.

Unfortunately I couldn’t use the phrase “Ride the Lobster” on my shirt, because it’s copyrighted by the race. I made a new one. It’s here:

You can’t copyright a phrase like “Ride The Lobster.” You could trademark it.

OK, Tom-Mr. Stickler-Holub. :wink: All I know is zazzle.com canceled my item because of the inclusion of the phrase “Ride the Lobster”. When I emailed them for an explanation their response was as follows:

Ride the Lobster (www.ridethelobster.com) contacted Zazzle and has asked us to remove any product that may infringe on their rights. To avoid any potential legal action against Zazzle, we have decided to remove your products from our site. This was done at the request of Ride the Lobster.

They might be able to convince Zazzle that they own the phrase, but they wouldn’t be able to convince a judge.

And it’s rather silly that they’d be trying to keep registered racers on Ride The Lobster teams from using “Ride The Lobster” on their jerseys. What’s up with that?

How dare you try and promote an event that is geared towards increasing tourism revenues in Nova Scotia!

Team Logo

Here’s our logo that I did up yesterday…now if we only had a final rider…

Logo Color.jpg

if you payed to get me there and get me into the race, I’ll be the final rider… cool logo

Very nice, asthian.

Thanks, guys.
Sorry ducttape, I spent all my money on my New Nimbus.

Dang, you’re out of luck then.

So, after (part of) our team did some relay practicing, we decided it would be nice to have actual bike jerseys with the back pockets. It just makes it easy carry the relay GPS thingy by quickly shoving into the back pocket. I found a site which does custom bike jerseys for a reasonable price, (http://team.zaavy.com/jerseyform3.aspx?templateid=91798&MaterialID=250&TemplateCatID=2). They’re not cheap - $50 each or so - but not too bad for a nice bike jersey.

Also, I redid our logo, so it looks like this now…

Team Manly Legs!


we have not yet a team shirt but you can have a look at our team website.

German Speeders