RTL shoes (230 grams)

[LEFT][/LEFT]Hi everyone.

I can’t seem to get my coker very light but I have made a pair of very light shoes for the Lobster Race. They are absolutely great for riding in, sticky like toffee and nice and airy. The only downside is the lack of padding when you come off (chasing Sam Wakeling uphill at 16mph). I’ve still got a sore heel.

They started as a pair of track running shoes weighing 200g each. I drilled out the threads and had them resoled with 5-10 Dotty Stealth on the front half. Have a look…

Can’t wait to see you all - Tue

Why did you change the soles if the origional shoe only weighed 200g? You’ve added 30g.

What… Have you never tried toffee?

Oh i see, better grip, a very good idea. I was just confused because you were on about making your uni lighter. They look cool though.

Ha, nice! They don’t look as minimalist as I’d imagined from talking to you about them - I think I was thinking more old-school cycling shoe style.

Good luck in the Lobster - see you at the end of June :slight_smile:


I think he means 230g total, maybe not though…

I’m using Salomon XT Wings (a trailrunning shoe) for my race shoes.

They aren’t the most grippy, but they are comfy and dry really fast when they get rained on. Also the main thing is that there are no laces, just a pull system that tucks into the top.

Siafirede: I think I will start looking around for a decent pair of Salomons like those. I have always LOVED that pull system on other pairs in the past. It is so handy.

I’ll be wearing these:

They’ll be great! I’m sure of it!

I’ll admit that made me laugh for a bit. Thanks for that!

When you all meet at last, you will be immediately be able to recognize each other by his shoes:D .

Good choice. I’ve been using Salomons for years. Works great for unicycling, and the lacing system is definitely the best out there.

They go well with a Hunter 36 unicycle.

Mango, you’ll be a favorite of the sponsors, as I’m sure you can use the same footwear for lobster fishing.

For myself, I’ve invested in my first pair of actual cycling shoes, the Sam Hill from FiveTen. I’d link to the product but they’ve decided to build their Web site without the ability to link to specific products… :roll_eyes:
The shoes aren’t particularly light, but then neither is a Coker wheel. These shoes also have an almost too-sticky bottom, and the stiffness I’ve done without for too many years.

Or Team Yellow Line Fever! :slight_smile:

I’m so slow, I’d have to wear these shoes to provide any hope of my finishing …

anybody try these? they’re my favorite lightweight shoe hands down, and they have plenty of padding. they’ve survived long hikes, weekend hikes in pouring rain, hours underwater, and my biking and uni exploits. they’re only slightly heavier than those xc shoes. i’ve got the 06 model, i think.
(i’m not going to rtl, wish i was, good luck guys!)

teva x-1 racer trail running shoes: