Five Ten Guide Tennie: Awesome cokering shoe

I recently bought these for my cokering shoe.’I have always loved the five ten impact’s grip and support for muni but it seemed overkill, (too much shoe) for cokering. Several skate shoes and others just didn’t have the right grip. I love these guide tennies because they are super light but the grip is intense. They look good at work too so I’ve been commuting with them. They also have a nice stiff heal for popping that Schlumpf hub gear button.

The tread looks good. Don’t know about the shoelaces though. I try to avoid anything with laces…they terrify me.

The tread looks like a coker tire pattern! I agree with Ken- since I have had shoes without laces I have really enjoyed not having any lace mishaps.

What shoes are out there with this kind of grip and no laces?? The laces on these shoes are no problem as long as they are double knotted. However, if I could find a comparable shoe with velcro I’d definitely go that route.

actually the laces on these shoes tie pretty short… They have great grip, i have had mine for about 5 months… the only thing is that the actual rubber tread is a separate piece… so mine has started to peal off a bit… its not bad yet but i imagine it will be…

i hear that the 5.10 sam hills hold up better

Just put on some Yankz. Problem solved.

It’s good that a market alternative is available for those not wanting to make their own Frankenstein pair.

I recently upgraded to Five Ten Sam Hills.

They are absolutely awesome! Great grip, stiff sole too. Love em!

I use the Marzzocchi Bomber Schuh ( which has the stealth ruber base which is the same then the one five ten uses. Right now I can only do easy XC because my foot is still defect from unicon but so fare the grip is realy awsome.

Stealth sole in ladies sizes?


Does anyone know of a shoe available in ladies sizes (a UK 3.5, Euro 36, US Ladies 5.5) that has the Five Ten Stealth sole?

Not for me you understand :o my good lady is looking for something grippier for the flatties on her MTB. I’ll get her on a Uni one day :wink:

All of the Five Ten cycling range only seem to be available in mens sizes.

The non-sponsored, version of this shoe is called the Impact Low, it’s $15 USD less than the Sam Hill and comes in all black. There’s also a mid height which looks like a basketball shoe.

I like appraoch shoes, but often the toe box is too small, so downhill mtb racing shoes are a nice alternative.

I bought the 5-10 high top from M.E.C ( here in Canada. Probably cheaper at some locations!

Fits to size, 11 is my usual size, and their’s was perfect. They were shown with white laces :astonished: but came with the optional black ones in the box (whew)!! Laces long enough to tie around ankle (grooves in the heel to hold the laces in places) and double knot at front. They are holding up well after 4 months of almost daily use.

Previously used Active Ankles because of a rollover earlier this year, but no need now with the hi top shoes.

I was thinking about upgrading from Vans, was looking at the 5.10, but I’m wondering how they are in the wet.

Are the sticky rubber shoes better in the wet, worse, or the same than a typical skate shoe?

I live in a dry area, so can’t speak too much to their wet traction, but I remember someone from the UK posting about these shoes (the Impact) whose complaint about wet weather use was more that the shoe acted a bit like a sponge and took a while to dry out. I don’t think that the soles get slick in the wet.

I have the Impact Mid (second pair–the first had a failed lace eyelet, and was replaced free under warranty by 5.10; the new pair has different eyelets, and isn’t subject to the prior model’s failure). They’re awesome. I had to remove pins from my pedals because they grip so much I couldn’t reposition my foot! They’re worth the money, imo–I think they’ll outlast 3 or 4 pairs of skate shoes.

This is exactly why I like the guide shoe compared to the impact. It has the same intense grip, dry or wet, without all the foam padding to weigh me down and act as a sponge in wet weather. I tried a pair of skate shoes (mostly to save some bucks) but after the 5 10 grip I was spoiled and I had to come back. I haven’t seen anything that provides as solid a grip as these soles.