RTL: ride needed back to Yarmouth

My current plan: drive to Portland, leave car in terminal parking, take the ferry to Yarmouth. Somehow get back to Yarmouth for the ferry on Saturday, June 21 (by 3 pm, I think), take ferry back to Portland.

If you can drive me and my two unis from the end of the race to Yarmouth in time Gor the Saturday ferry, I’d really appreciate the lift. Alternatively, perhaps I can take a bus or train, tho I don’t know about those yet.

Any help would be appreciated.

David Stone



Me and a teammate will be arriving in Yarmouth via CAT Ferry on 14th of June and we sort of need to get to Annapolis for the festivities. Anyone arriving on the 14th in Yarmouth and heading to Annapolis that might be able to give us a ride?

If not, is anyone doing the same thing and how are they getting to Annapolis?

Also how is everyone getting from Annapolis to Yarmouth on the 15th? Our support guy doesn’t arrive with the vehicle till the late afternoon and we sort of need to be in Yarmouth by noon to register.

We could stay in Yarmouth all the way, but we would rather not miss the festivities in Annapolis on the 14th.

Anyone? :smiley: