RTL Jerseys

Does anyone know if they will be doing that re-order for all those who missed out or just plain got the wrong size?

It was mentioned on the final day, that a list would be created - anyone know if it ever was?

+1, geoff! I will pay good money for a jersey!

The deadline was July 15th and they needed 24 orders. I was one the of the only 7 orders they got, so there will be no more, alas.

Was this just a case of poor communication?

At the final meeting there were ~ 27 hands in the air.

Put me down for two (one for me, one for my mum).

If we can make the numbers, then maybe a batch can be done…

So thats ten already, who else?

I’d definitely buy one. I missed the opportunity to put my name down because I had to rush off to catch a plane.


I would love one even though I was not able to ride due to a new Baby.

I’d like one to replace the one that the airline lost. The RTL jersey was about the only unique thing in there.

I forgot about the whole jersey thing, I had my hand in the air as someone who was willing to pay for one if they do a second order. I still am.

some of us got an email that there wasn’t enough interest or sth like that. I think the email said there were about 6 ppl interested (I was one of them).

I wasn’t even there, and I think I’d like to buy one.

How much???

same here!

One for me and one for my dad

I would buy one.