RTL Documentaries - Anyone know when they'll be ready?

Title says it all really. I know these things take more than 5 minutes to throw together, and I’m sure the film crews have got other things they are working on at the moment too, but I’m just wondering if anyone has heard any news either from the One-Der Woman crew or Film The Lobster (Carissa).


When I talked to one of them (I think it was the One-Der Women crew), I believe they said the first installment was slated for October. A long time to wait, but should be a nice treat when done.


RTL doc: talk to the producer

Hey, man:
Sherry Devanney and her partner run Mentor Films, producers of the RTL doc fosusing on Team Venus and the other women in the race. Find her here

Clarissa Hendrix is just a Google search away. She has plenty of web presence.

Best from the right coast of Canada, where the humidity is 98% and I am stripping vinyl siding off an 1845 salt box.


Film the Lobster

The scheduled release for The Film the Lobster project is not till May 2009. However the piece is being written in chapters that will be available online as they’re finished, the first of which is mid September.

I could have produced it faster, but y’all just had to be interesting and funny all the time and leave me trying to edit through hours and hours of pure film gold. Needless to say the DVD will have a lot of extras.

You guys were a blast and the second I throw something online I’ll let you guys know.

Thanks for the info guys. Much appreciated. I’ll just have to sit patient for a bit longer now.

Oh, and sorry for spelling your name wrong Carisa :slight_smile:


I’ve not been able to find any chapters online yet, but it’s nearly May now… any update? Are we still on schedule for a release shortly?

STM - crossing his fingers and wishing

Wondering the same thing, Spencer. I spoke to Carisa a little while ago through Facebook and she said she was still sifting through loads of footage.

Have you heard anything about the release of Oneder Women?

Let’s just say, people are often more interested in starting movie projects than in finishing them. But I’m surprised the OneDer Women one hasn’t gone anywhere; those folks seemed to have a pretty big investment in the project.

Looks like Carisa is still working on it, she’s doing a fundraiser next month to help fund it.



Is it still too soon to bump this thread?


No. I’m waiting too!

I’m going to go out on a limb now and guess “never”, but I hope I’m wrong.

I think Mentor Pictures will come out with something; even with big-budget Hollywood stuff it’s common for production to get delayed. This ain’t big-budget Hollywood stuff.

Sherry’s just had a baby so that’s one explanation, I’m not sure about Carisa though…

More info from Sherry:
“I am still plugging ahead with the documentary. I just had a beautiful baby girl and will be off other movie jobs for a year so besides being a Mommy to 3 awesome kids, I will be working on finishing this project. Hoping to land some funding to help finish it.
I had thought I would be finished this last year.Lack of money but no lack of drive.”

A bit more info from Sherry:
“I have talked to a few people in the documentary so they know I am still very keen on finishing it but have not addressed everyone yet. Hoping people are still interested in it. A lot of my filmmaker friends say most documentaries take 5 years because of funding issues here in Canada. My last one took that long BUT this one will not. I am bringing on a friend to help me work on the funding aspect and will be working editing etc on my own until I can pay for helping hands.
I will be in touch!”

I’d be willing to make a donation to help out. Anyone else?

I was told I had to chip in on stuff like this as penance for being a registered racer who didn’t make the race. Not sure if Scot got the same memo…

Things are supposedly happening with Film the Lobster:

“2011 summer release”.


But I’m still not going to hold my breath… :slight_smile: