RTL: David Stone "...fastest I've ever driven a unicycle"

photo: schlumpf.ch
The Centurions, three riders with an average age of 46, finished 10th over-all at Ride the Lobster. John Foss and Dave White were David Stone’s team mates. In his blog, Stone writes:

"FAVORITE Moment of Day 1

At one point, we found ourselves racing on a long gravel road. I mentioned that this was just like what I’d trained on in New Paltz (on the rail trail) and that I’d be very comfortable riding quickly on the long downhill stretch. Dave started the uphill part and I relieved him and noticed that Signe, a 17-year-old Danish girl from one of the top teams (Hans Islanders) was not far in front of me. I caught up just as we crested the hill and raced past her as my teammates saw a cloud of dust erupt from under my wheel. Later I noticed that I’d reached 35.6 kph, or just over 22 mph; this would turn out to be the fastest speed I’d reach on the trip and was probably the fastest I’d ever ridden on a unicycle. The fact that it was on dry and uneven gravel made it even more fun. It was a wild ride that felt a lot like water-skiing."


Forgive me for asking, I’m not questioning that you hit 22 mph.
My question is how did you peddle that fast?

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You must ask @DavidKStone

Sorry, I assumed this was his post.
Frankly, his tire doesn’t look big enough to hit those speeds. Not without gearing that allows peddling above the standard 1 to 1 ratio.

Look closely: That’s a geared 29", so it rode like a 44", really. I was able to ride really fast and easily hit 18 or 19 mph, but surpassing 20 mph was never too easy for me and always required at least a slight downhill; in fact, it had to be just the right angle or else I’d find it too challenging and would have actually slowed down! I didn’t use a brake.

Thanks for the clarification.{:>)
I’ve never rode a geared unicycle but it seemed like the only means to do it.