RTL Crit times are now posted on the RTL site

RTL Crit times are now up at:

Note: Signe, from Hans Islanders, the only woman in the fastest heat, placed 13th. She’s an animal.

Thanks for the heads up Steve. I’m suprised I finished above you, I guess you were taking it easy :wink:


Nope. I was UPDing, going really fast, UPDing, and going really fast (for me).

Signe is an amazing rider hands down. For the brief moments I was riding next to her, and watching her ride away I was always impressed at how smooth and speedy of a rider she was.

Thanks for posting that.

I’m a bit confused about one thing though. How did I (and 62 other riders) get beaten by a rider called Yellow Yellow that wasn’t even there? According to the stats he finished in 42nd place with a time of 10:28 - not bad for someone that doesn’t exist!

I’ve checked the rules and they state;

So shouldn’t that give him a time of 18:47?


…and not all the riders appear to be listed. I’m sure Tue had quite a fast time on the set of results that were posted before - did he get disqualified or something?

It looks like they’ve made a concession for the third Yellow Line rider not being there and given them the same time as the slower of the two actual riders in the team.


No, he’s there. 37th with 10:25

Well, if we’d have known we could have done that, then Joe and myself would have sat out and taken the 5th and 6th place :smiley:


Yellow team (Nathan and Beau) were penalized enough by NOT having a 3rd rider! So the decision, if I recall correctly, was to create a rider called Yellow Yellow and to assign that rider the time of the slower rider, which is why Nathan Hoover and “Yellow Yellow” have identical times.

Signe is a wonderful rider. I loved racing along with her thruout the first 4 days. Then her team got off to an excellent start on day 5, and we didn’t see much of them. They were in 12th place (to our 9th) after day 1 and ended up in 8th (to our 10th) by the end.

I think the results should be posted differently… I mean, they should take into account the racers with the same recorded time. I’m 18th and 17th place has the same time, so I think technically they should be 18th too. I hope you understand what I’m getting at.

like if 16, 17, 18 all have the same time they all should be in 16th place? Thats what I think because it makes me sound much better when i say I was 18th fastest in the crit Vs. I got 26th in the crit. :slight_smile:

Usually, in swim, that’s what they do with the places. It’s always been that they would record two people in second and no one in third, say, for a tie for second place. I think that makes the most sense. I’ve seen a three-way tie for first, which was really cool. The results went 1, 1, 1, 4, 5, 6… Only in a really short race is that even possible, though :slight_smile:

I was amongst those whe spent a lot of time going through the photo finishes, and there were a few instances where people crossed the line during the same second, but not at precisely the same time. Although if they were in different heats it was a bit harder to judge.

Ahh, that totally explains it, then!

So he is. That’s weird - I looked for ages last night :o


Are these the official times and rankins?

Or are the ones in Uni magazine official?

There seem to be some discrepancies between the two :thinking:

STM - hoping Uni is right

What are the discrepancies?

I’ve not looked at every single time, rider or position, but take my result for example;

Day 3 - Time trial. Website I’m 54th. Magazine I’m 53rd.
Day 3 - Criterium. Website I’m 51st. Magazine I’m 50th.

I think I know which is right, and why. (And I know which I prefer.) But they can’t both be right, and only one can be official.


On the website in 42nd place there is the rider “yellow yellow” from Team Yellow Line Fever. To avoid that team profiting or being penalized from having one rider less, it was decided by the officials to have this ‘rider’ given the same time as their slowest rider (Nathan Hoover). We kept this out of our tables to avoid confusion and to give a true ranking - so anyone below 42nd on the RTL website actually did one place better.
The same applies for place 33 and below on the time trial.

Thanks Mike. I can see where the positions changed, and it makes sense, being fair to everyone.

If I’m reading it right, though, you’re saying that the results in Uni are the official ones? Maybe this is a question for the RTL officials, but shouldn’t the RTL website have the true rankins? Anyone that didn’t buy Uni wouldn’t know any different.

Oh, and well done on representing the main results on the center page of the magazine. I think the coloured lines really help to add some clarity about who was beating who at what point.


Additionally, I love the little unicycle icons indicating each team’s equipment choices.