RTL - Annapolis Royal - Where are you staying?

Where is everyone staying for Saturday night at Annapolis Royal?

I think that we will be arriving either in Halifax or Annapolis Royal on Friday the 13th. Friday we will be either staying in Halifax or Annapolis Royal, and Saturday the 14th we will be staying somewhere in Annapolis Royal or Yarmouth (I am guessing it will be Annapolis Royal though).

There are a bunch of options, so I figured I would see where the other teams are planning to stay.


we, german speeders, are going to stay at http://www.winchestercottages.com/index.html from friday night till sunday.

The cottages have enough space for up to 6 people, but they have a minim stay of two days at the weekend.


My team is staying here for Saturday night! Just made the reservations.

We’re staying here http://www.portroyalinn.com/ - I stayed there in Sept and it was pretty nice. It’s just out of town. When I was driving through the town, I noticed more B&B places than you could shake a stick at - all looking very nice. I don’t think you can go wrong here.


Unfortunately, 3/4 of the Centurions won’t arrive until midday Sunday. I don’t think Dave White has figured out where he’s staying yet…

Staying? Oh yeah, I guess that’s a detail I’ve yet to attend to…

My whole team’s gonna be in NS on Saturday, so I guess I can sleep in the team van that night.

Party in the parking lot!

We (team goonies) will be at Winchester Cottages as well (fri and sat), thanks for the tip, the price worked out to be quite reasonable!

Unfortunaly I dont know where my team (I dont race but I am in the show team) stays but I think it will be some family in Halifax.