RTB 2022 Ride The Blootz Heilbronn


Wonderful video! Looks like you all had so much fun. I hope to be able to ride with a group of Uni riders someday. :grinning:

That’s great! You go old guys! A great way to spend some rainy days. Don’t let those youngsters have all the fun. :smiley:


We do our best :joy:
But as long we have so much fun with the youngsters we can’t grow old

Yeah it was a nice Weekend and we have a funny time. Thank you for Cutting this amazing Video. Hopefully we’re see us next year.

The youngsters are getting old, too, having jobs and kids. But it is always fun to ride with others, no matter, how old they are!
Or maybe: the more ages are around, the more fun we get :smiley:

(got to wake up my english again…)

Yeah, that’s the Muni Community, we ride with everyone it’s doesn’t matter how old , which whellsize, how ill or how whatever there, it’s a nice time to ride together. Thanks a lot to accept the other people there’e no matter how different they are or if they have unicycled, as well as me.

Awesome, now that what I call a nice ride, looks like a good group to ride with.

Cool video guys… I see you guys had a lot of fun that one wheel brings keep riding.

Nice video. What a pity that we weren’t able to participate this year. It’s always good to see such a wide range in age on events. And also, nice to see some new faces at the RTB.

Yeah, it had been a lot new ones, realy great! And my wife and I hadn’t been for years. It was real fun!