rpm on different size unicycle

I hit 10.9mph (cycle computer) on my impact uni. New creepy crawler tire and 140mm cranks…
5.7mph average over 1.251 miles.

[I had to carry a bag of empty grocery bags to the grocery store to recycle. I barely hit over 9mph when I was going there]

It was amazingly tiring(partially because I had to stand up and ride a lot of the ride since the saddle was so uncomfortable and low and hard)

I measured myself riding 3 revolutions: 1547mm / revolution.
(edit: distance/rev doesn’t affect calculated cadence… cool.)That translates my max cadence on that uni at 189 rpm.

On my 29er with 89mm cranks, I could only push myself to 15.3mph,(edt: entered 222cm/rev) 185rpm.

(these are both first tries at going fast on these set-ups)

[posted earlier in another thread, but decided to repost thnx to Dane M]

So, I would think it would be easier to spin faster on smaller unicycle since you won’t worry about falling at 20+mph
However, you have very little resistance and any tiny mistake [edit: in not pedalling perfectly circularly] will drastically change your balance…so maybe inertia of larger wheel spinning helps as well.

Other riders’ experience with cadence on different sized unicycles?

I did a similarly-themed thread earlier this year about revolutions per mile. May want to have a look if you’re curious about this sort of thing.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re getting at. If you want speed, it’s hard to beat a larger wheel. On the track, where 24" is the limit, it’s all about learning to manage very high RPMs (with a biny bit left over in case you get too far forward). With practice, you can develop a very smooth spin, and learn your RPM limits.

I used to be able to hit 17.5 mph on my Track uni. If I’d had my geared 36" back then, when I was so much more fearless, I think I would have reached some scary-fast speeds! Today I get nervous at 18 mph, only half a mile faster than on my 24" back in the day. :frowning:

I was wondering, if it would be easier or harder to hit same rpm on different sized unicycles, given adequate practice on each size.
For example, if you hit 17.5mph on a 24", would you be able to also hit same rpm on a 36" on the flat and reach 26.3mph , or same rpm and hit 14.6mph on a 20".
(either with same crank length or with crank length giving same ‘gear ratio’)

So if anyone had speed data on many different wheels/cranks, I thought it might be interesting to see how/if one’s max rpm on a unicycle is affected.