Rolling Hop

I really need help with the rolling hop. I go two centemters in the air and that’s all.

hmm u aint doing to bad im trying to learn how to do this also and i always jump off the unicycle:)

Me two. I wear sandals when I uni and I have At least six blisters on each foot.

Take some pressure out if your tyre - i am learning this at the moment also, i can now hop around 6-10 inches and i found that when i first started i had too much pressure in the tyre.
My next step is to try and time it correctly to hop up stuff!

What do you mean time it correctly? Do the petals have to be in the right position?

Yep, they sure do - I think only real swell riders can do it at ANY point.

Yeah I heard the pedals have to be horizontal from eachother, but I have trouble doing that because every single time I stop my pedals are in the vertical position.

read and watch the tutorials.
you need to be able to hop 4-6" before you begin rolling hops

Yeah, check mine and skrobos tutorials, they will help you a lot.

Pedals do have to be in the right position to make it most effective. For me, I jump with my left foot forward, so I line up my jumps, or curve around a little to make sure when I reach a ledge or a gap, its my left foot forward, cause that is my hopping position.

Are rolling hops just when you ride then jump? because if so you shouldnt need tutorials for that. I mean I’ve only been riding a couple months and that was the first thing I learned how to do… jump a curb.

Its pretty easy I think, you just go fast and go for it. In my mind I think hopping is harder than jumping, o well.

yes they do if you want to jump higher correctly,and you need to hold the seat when you jump and pull the uni up with you

learn to hop stationary without the rolling. it helps a bunch. believe me.

i had no trouble at all. ive been riding for 4 months, and i can do a bunch of stuff. i can rolling hop about a foot and a half. which isn’t bad.

i first learned by pre hopping then hopping on to my 11" sidewalk. then i took out the pre hops eventually, and i could ride, stop, then side hop onto the curb. now, i can jump without stopping, and get to the curb no problem. it took me about a month to learn this whole process. but the stationary hopping isn’t that hard once you learn.

i can do it pretty good now i did a stair last week tomorow im trying 3 id it doesnt rain

I’m thinking this has to be the most useful skill for Muni…but can still not get it.
any links?
All I get is busted up!!

This video shows the steps to learning, seemed to help me.

Would love to watch but say not in my country :frowning:

Not here either :frowning:

Yep, it’s disallowed because of copyrighted content…


He put it on vimeo too. Here’s the link: