Rolling Hop

Cool video as I want to start doing rolling jumps, to add to my (limited) muni skills.
One thing that no one mentions in all the tutorials I watched: when you’re rolling and getting ready to jump, do you just roll “normally” and then spring up? Or do you do the last revolution (half revolution?) with more weight on the pedals?

It depends on the hight and/or distance of the jump. That is one of the things I think is easiest to figure out for yourself, just experiment to find out what is right for you.

Rolling hops are definitely more of a ‘feel’ thing, but it can help to use that last half rev of the pedal as sort of a ‘spring board’ to help you compress the tire and jump.

Pretty soon though, you don’t really think much about it and it just happens.

Or you get a bigger wheel and just roll over stuff.

I’ve been working on rolling hops lately.

For me, the initial difficulty was in figuring out where the motions of the jump fit into the rotations of the crank. I found that watching the various video tutorials in slow motion really helped sort this out.

What I’ve found works for me is not thinking about the jump at all. I realized that the pre-jump tire compression seems to start the jump motion, and this happens when my dominant foot reaches the bottom of the pedal rotation 1/4 turn before takeoff. I’ll start counting this moment as a beat in my head as I approach a jump, and then focus on compressing the tire downward as hard as I can right before I want to take off. The jump seems to happen by itself after that. I imagine I’ll need to focus more on the jump itself once I want to start going higher, but this is working great for now.

I found this short video to be particularly helpful:

The next trick is getting my cranks to align properly at the right moment every time. I’m still working on this one…

Rolling hops are one of the skills that are just starting to get fun for me.
It’s one of those skills that have finally clicked within the last year.

I use a KH29 with handlebars and have learned to jump from any foot placement.
Of course, closer to the perfect 5:00/11:00 gives me much more power, but I have learned to compress the tire using my handlebars as well as back pressure.

But ya, I still will weave a bit to help my takeoff but it’s slowly becoming not needed as my overall jumping from any foot placement is getting better.
Being ambidextrous will give you twice as many sweet spots too.

I’m riding cross country on trails.
Right now we have three trails with a total 10kms of groomed fat bike trails! :slight_smile:

While it is possible to get a small hop out of every crank position, the only position that will give you good heigth/distance is with the cranks horizontal when taking of.

The secret to being able to almost anything is measuring/judging your runup. If I want to hop over an obstacle on a trail, I can generally get my cranks in a decent position at the obstacle by adding a few little turns. If you see a big rolling hop in a video, the runup was usually measured out beforehand, so that it fits.

I recommend practicing being at least somewhat ambidextrous if your goal is using rolling hops for Muni. I personally rode trials/street/flat before starting muni, where I’d argue that being ambidextrous is not really important. But learning the other side went quickly once I started Muni, although on my weaker side I do a half rev mid air, while I don’t do that half rev on my strong side. Only very few riders don’t have a weaker and a stronger side.

As you learn to jump higher, you will not need to be as perfect with judging your runup. On my 26", I can hop up a curb from half a revolution away, so I can essentially not worry about my runup for those. My personal recommendation would be to focus on improving your height with the cranks horizontal, and judging your runup, after a while that will make hopping in any weird stances almost completely unneccessary.

FS, you’re absolutely right.
I wasn’t clear in my post but I think I’'m doing exactly what you’re saying.

My 5/11 placement was talking about the preload with back pressure and then launching with cranks level (9/3). But this is for a “perfect youtube jump”

I like to ride trails that I might not be familiar with or older roads/trails that are degrading. So as I’m riding and I come across something I need to jump I can get miss my “perfect window crank placement” and still get a decent length.

…and my longest jump unassisted (level) would be about 2’ and with a kicker (small rise) about 5’.

I also keep my tire rolling throughout the jump for a much smoother landing.
I hate stopping and try to ride trails as clean as possible (no dabs).

I hope that makes sense.