Rolling Hop Unispin? Unispin Grind?

I’ve been watching alot of my old skateboarding video’s lateley for inspiration, and I immediately noticed that they do an awful lot of flip tricks(kickflip, heelflip, 360flip, shove-it) into their grinds. I’ve never seen anyone do a unispin into or out of a grind, meaning that the rider would rolling hop, unispin in the air, and land in the grind. OR: grind, and unispin in the air while launching off the grinding surface. I assume one would have to be really good at grinding and unispins… Dan Heaton maybe? I plan on going out and working on getting the rolling unispin, so maybe I can unispin over a gap or off a drop. But I assume that a unispin into a grind would be doable with some practice, and more than doable for some of the active pros out there. 3 things would be needed to Acheive this skill, big rolling hops(or the ability to be able to get some air off of a grind), solid unispins, and being comfortable grinding.

Any comments?

Knowing Dan Heaton, he probably already has this in mind, or somthing cooler. That would be really cool because grinds are getting old right now, they would be alot more fun to watch if someone did something like you suggested. When you want to grind a rail or something the same height, you notice that your body has to fold in half. So I’m sure it would take lots of practice to incorperate a unispin while your uni is at that angle.

Universe 1, Adam Ryznar does it.

I’ve done a 180 unispin into a grind once…it’s not very hard but doing a 180 out after…now THAT I have to work on.

There’s a unispin out of a grind, and a unispin into a crank grab in the first UNiVERsE.

goes to show how long it’s been since I’ve seen that movie. But I’m talking about stair rails, thats hard.

Oh yeah, into and out of hand rails would be a bit trickier.


No doubt about the hand rails.
Ledges i’ve done unispins into and out of them, sloped ledges. There not that hard, just a larger aerial off the ledge for the unispin. It’s rad. In hazardous (also migth be titled sick trip) next summer will have some of the sickest grind combos anyone has seen. Of course, defect the sooner to come out video, might have some of them. SO i’m alittle worried. lol. Oh well. Next year around this time our movie should be out. So if you’re interested in some sick grinds and a lot of other things, this one is a keeper. ha. laters

this time next year… thats a long wait.

now where did i put my left handed screwdriver :thinking:

aren’t screwdrivers symmetrical?

Re: Rolling Hop Unispin? Unispin Grind?

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>aren’t screwdrivers symmetrical?

Mine almost is, it has a switch that is labeled
L - 0 - R

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Technicllay uni spins are just about the equivelent of pop shuv its. When you watch your videos what kind of grinds do you see them doing out of the grinds? I assume it would be mostl 50-50’s and board slides. It’s probably a little harder to do with other grinds like crooked grinds and stuff.

Now to my point.

It’s impossible to do a 50-50 or a board slide on a uni. Unless you want to try to grind the straight part connecting from the seat to the wheel to pull off a board slide/smith grind kinda thing. So with the grinds we do using the pedals it would probably be pretty hard to do a uni spin out of a grind because your wheel is so close to the object of grinding that the wheel might hit it.

Keep in mind I’ve never tried to uni spin out of a grind so this is in theory. If you think you can make it work then go out for it!!!

Actually I see them doing the same exact tricks into and out of grinds, and all sorts of grinds on differnt surfaces(pipes, ledges, rails) and still the tricks only vary based on the skill of the boarder. For instance you will people do heelflips into and out of crookeds, nosegrinds, 5-0’s and many others. Shuv it’s however usually come from out of a grind, but are seen going into the grind when it is on a ledge or whe you can shuv it onto a ledge grind.

I’m not sure if all of this is any bit clear to you but, If I could I would show you what I meant.

I watched UNIverse 1 yesterday, and I let it run for a while, and boom! There was extra footage of Adam Rayznar (I think) at the end. He was wearing a cowboy hat. Then after that they just showed someone load a full box of the movies. Did anyone else notice this? When I watched it, I did’nt notice Adam do a unispin into a grind, just a unispin out.

hello. for skateboarding, shuvits usually come out of slides like boardslide, lipslides, noseslides, or tail slides. its very rare that you see someone trick out of a grind with any trick other than a shuvit (not to say that it isnt done, because ive seen hundreds of them done). but shuvits are the most common trick out of a slide in skateboarding. kickflips, heelflips, 3 flips, and any other flip trick is more commonly seen into tricks. thats what ive noticed watching my alomost-pro friends skate, and watching pro videos.

dubmuni: he unispins into a pedal grab, not into a grind.

i hope people start doing crazy stuff into and out of grinds by the time im back so i have some motivation to catch up. someone do a footplant crankflip to grind, video tape it and send it to me, cause that was the next trick i wanted to do until i ruptured my spleen. so someone do it for me haha.


has anyone ever tried grinding on the seatpost with a foot on the seat and a foot on a peddle? or would this be kinda impossible.

While not entirely impossible, the rider would have to get a ton of speed and air just to put the unicycle into position, and then be able to balance on the seatpost while grinding, and also pray that the seatpost does not break. So untill all of those are accomplished, it’s pretty much impossible.

Says you!!!

I’ll show you!!

(not, it IS pretty much impossible)

I’m pretty sure people said the same about riding street on a unicycle. :wink:

You could first try it out as a plant are stall.