Rollercoaster Muni

I guess I had one more video in me.

Hey everybody! Look at my video! I should know better than to post a video at the same time as the unigeezer!

That looks fun. I love the desert. Is there an established trail the whole ride? Sometimes it looks like you are just riding over your own route. There was a couple of places that looked like I would have stopped or at least hesitated. I often lack technical nerve. I wish I could get out to the desert.

This 50 year trail is an equestrian trail. It is very popular with mountain bikers. The steep, rutted parts are known as “the chutes” by some, and the “roller coaster” by others. I am riding on the trail all the time, there are just some parts that don’t look exactly like a trail because of the rough terrain.

Cool, its nice to see riding on a 29er and 24’’ in the same video.

I hope that showing both in one video is good info for those out there trying to decide what wheel size to get. I have yet to try 26, but I have too many unis already and like both the 24 and 29 in different ways.

I rode 3 1/2 hours one day this week on the 24, and then went back today for another 3 1/2 hours on the 29er. I was surprised to find that I could ride everything I did on the 24 on the 29. I must need to find some tougher trails for the 24.

Nice Vid. That trail looks heaps of fun. Your lucky to have such great looking terrain to ride.

Another cool vid. After the 29er the 24" looked like a toy :smiley:

Great video. Really pumped for my MUni ride later today. :smiley:

Yes, lots of great stuff, very little that is easy. The trails in my 2 recent vids are in the lower reaches of the mountains 3000’ to 4000’ feet elevation. With summer coming, those are early morning only rides, otherwise I’ll be moving up the mountain in the 6000’ to 8000’ foot level. In a month or so, I’ll have to make a vid up there!

And it feels as slow as a toy! The fat tire is nicer on the drops, and it is easier to control speed on the steep, techie bits.

Have fun! I’m taking a break today to play with the family. Plus, I tweaked my ankle a little yesterday.

A year and a half ago, my first muni arrived in the mail - a Nimbus 24. I had only ridden cheapo 19’ unis as a kid, and that thing looked like a beast to me. Funny how a 24 seems like a toy now.

Dang, Andy, that was a very classy vid! The riding, trails, filming, editing, and music selection (love that song!) were all top notch! You must be so strong to be rolling everything with that much control for 3.5 hours!


Nice vid!

Nice vid. All the cacti make the ride all that much more crazy!

Thanks for the great comments Erik! :slight_smile: Appreciate it. 3.5 hours of riding and filming isn’t quite the same as 3.5 hours of riding, but it was still a lot.


Yeah, and the bushes have thorns too! :astonished: It helps focus the mind :wink: I had to start wearing long fingered gloves after dragging my fingers through a catclaw bush a few times. The shin guards help protect against more than just spiky pedals.

…and ANOTHER great vid:D At this rate your vids will be the #1 go-to on the forums :sunglasses:

:o or just crappy at hopping (like me but for not as long and lots of UPD’s)

…or do some trials on those rocks. I bet you could find hundreds of lines on the terrain in the vid.

Thanks for the complement! I don’t have the time to keep cranking them out at this pace. There’s no way I could keep up with the uni-geezer. He’s vid makin’ machine. I plan on getting some more footage a little higher up the mountain this summer.

Yeah, I still suck at trials. I have been dabbling at it on my 20 trials and street 24. I’m getting the hang of SIF hopping and can static hop up something like 18 inches. I can rolling hop up small things. I need to get better and start trying them on the trails.

There are definitely harder lines I can work on, and lots of opportunities for trials riding.

I guess I sprained my ankle making this vid. It hurt when it happened, but the pain went away before too long. That was Saturday, Sunday it was a little swollen and I didn’t stay off it, this morning I woke up with a foot shaped balloon at the end of my leg. No pain, just nasty swollen. Sucks.

ankle.bmp (1.17 MB)

That last post didn’t capture the point of max crunch. Here is the sequence of happy to crunch.



Ouch! I had a similar, though less severe, ankle tweak a couple days ago. Moving the feet forward in the pedals before a big drop is the way to prevent that problem, but I don’t always anticipate and/or execute the foot-on-pedal adjustment well enough.

If it really ballooned up like you say, then you might want an x-ray to make sure you didn’t break something.