Roger Davies UDC.UK / Harry Potter connection?

I did a search using “Harry Potter” and “J K Rowling” to answer this unicycle question, but found nothing. Surprised that this has not come up yet.

My kids pointed out that there is a minor charactor in the Harry Potter series named Roger Davies. He is the captain of the Ravenclaw quiditch team. One of the “hot” broomsticks used in quiditch is the Nimbus.

So, here is the question: Is there a connection with the real Roger Davies of UDC.UK (who was instrumental in bringing out the Nimbus line of unicycles) and Harry Potter / J K Rowling?

  1. Did the real Davies, after finding his namesake in the book, decide on “Nimbus” as his brand in a fit of whimsey?

  2. Is J K Rowling a closet unicyclist who named the minor charactor after her friend, the real Roger Davies, and she came up with the (broomstick) Nimbus name as her inside joke?

  3. Is it all just one big improbable coincidence?

  4. By being the first person to spot this, do I win a Nimbus 36er?

I’ve wondered this as well. Or, more accurately, I’ve wondered where he got the idea for the Nimbus brand name.

I am sure some beginners feel like they are trying to ride a broomstick

I usually tell people who ask how I can ride my 36er that it’s done by magic. they scoff, I show them it’s a Nimbus…

Are you the first?? On the 18th of May 2008,

It is always an incredible disappointment to discover that I am not the first. First John Foss says he has often wondered the same thing about the Nimbus. Next I am confronted with conclusive proof from another thread.

Deep Siggghhhhh… I thought I was on to something new. In spite of it all, I would still not turn down the prize of a new Nimbus 36.

Indeed … you would be crazy to do so!! :slight_smile:

It is an interesting discussion though. I wonder what the link really is?

Why not just ask Roger? I’m sure it’s not top secret or anything.


He will send you a three-foot broom.