Rockville merchants looking for unicyclists

Want to return to Rockville (as ridden at the CA MUni Weekend)? The Rockville Corners group of businesses, at the traffic light just before the park, is having a Holiday Festival on Saturday, December 6. Rockville Bike, a little shop I didn’t even know was in there, is looking for some unicyclists to demonstrate Trials or any other form of unicycling as part of the event.

There will be sleigh rides, Santa Claus, carolers, and giveaways from most of the merchants in the area. You of course will show off for free. But you might get some free publicity, and your own performing area in the bike shop parking lot.

If interested, please contact Esther at Rockville Bike: (707) 864-2453. Don’t contact me, as I probably can’t make it December 6th. If you can, please help out the small community just outside a great MUni riding location!