rock shox

does any know if a rock shox seat post will fit on a torker lx or dx
heres a link to rock shox

Nope. Torkers use a 25.4mm post.

if it wont accept a rock shox is there any other seat post i can buy that comes with shocks that will fit a torker?

It DOES come with a 25.4mm diameter, and also 26.8 and 27.2.

I think should fit, ll you need is a railadaptor.

But, don’t rule out looking in a b*keshop, after all, it is the same components when it comes to rim tyre spokes crankarm brakes pedals seatpostclamps (and seatposts if you have a railadaptor).

Don’t know how common it is to find a 25.5mm suspention seatpost though.

Something to consider with the telescoping seatpost shocks like the Rock Shox is that the seatposts are very long. The guts for the shock are inside the seatpost which means you cannot simply cut the seatpost shorter. Well, you can cut it shorter but it means reworking the insides of the shock and doing other custom work to make it all function in a shorter length. And reworking it will mean you get less travel. It’s not trivial.

The telescoping seatposts only really work for very tall people. And you’ll still have to check to see how much you can cut off from the seatpost while not affecting the workings of the shock mechanism.

And they wear out. They are not designed for the kind of abuse that a unicycle will inflict on the shock mechanism. When riding you put twisting torque on the saddle. That kind of force does not happen on a bike so the shocks aren’t designed to handle it. The telescoping shocks will develop twisting play and will need regular maintenance to keep it from getting worse. Eventually it will wear out or the play will get so bad that you don’t want to use it any more.

Good advice (as usual) from JC. Length is the key factor. If you don’t have room for 350mm of post, it’s not going to work. Don’t forget to allow for low-seated rough terrain riding, if that’s what you will do some of the time. Also allow for the additinal height of a rail adapter.

I don’t have experience with the Rock Shox post, but I did use the Pyramid post ( for about a year. At $25, it was well worth the price. It was a little too long for me though, and I cut away part of the pre-load threading to fit me, leaving me with a stiffer ride.

It may have lasted a lot longer than it did, but a relatively heavy, strong guy learned to hop on my Wilder, his first-ever experience on a fat-tire MUni. He spent a whole day at it, eventually plowing up some sets of stairs. After that, the post was no longer the same.

Based on price, I would have higher expectations of the Rock Shox post, but remember it is not designed for unicycles, so it will probably die eventually. Twisting is one force it’s not supposed to get, but I think all the upward yanking is what eventually toasted my Pyramid post.

Cane Creek Thudbuster Suspension Seat Post

if the rock shox wont work what do u think about the Cane Creek Thudbuster Suspension Seat Post ( ) for a torker lx or dx

One of the thing I’ve noticed when the terrain gets rocky is that I’m always up off the saddle to some degree, pulling up on the seat handle to keep a taut “spring” between my feet and my hips, with my quads absorbing most of the bumps. Don’t think even the best telescopic seat post can improve on that action, but it might be nice for sucking up minor bumps while sitting deep in the seat.


The idea of suspension is that you don’t have to be off the seat all the time; it is very tiring to ride with your seat 1-2" below where it should be, as most MUni folks do. An appropriate suspension system would let you ride keep your seat at its normal height, while allowing you to absorb bumps.

I’m not sure there’s anything ideal that really exists, but that’s the idea.

Or, in an imperfect world, to allow you to ride seated more than you might otherwise, as well as shaving off some of the shock of seated riding.

In other words, I still stand up plenty with my suspension posts, but they’re great to have there when I’m not standing.

My other post is a Thudbuster Uni-Pivot, a discontinued design. As for the current Thudbuster, it’s an even better suspension than my old one. Just keep in mind it still has a minimum height you have to allow room for. Though with that one, you can cut off part of the post without affecting its functionality.

A suspension seatpost might be a good idea on a pure XC unicycle where you’re racing XC or riding for speed on the trails. It would allow you to have a higher seat height which would make for more efficient and faster riding. How well it would work in practice, I don’t know.

A pure XC unicycle for speed would probably be a 29er and a 29er doesn’t allow you a super long seatpost unless you are 6 foot 6. It would take some creative thinking to get an effective seatpost shock working on a 29er.

For regular riding a 3" Gazz offers some cushion. And a thick cushy air seat offers some cushion. Together the fat tire and cushy seat give you a little bit of a suspension effect.