Robin Williams unicycle

Seems a bit steep at $5k… :astonished:

Full auction here

I’m a huge fan and was very sad to hear when he died. If I was rich, I’d be more than happy to pay $5k for a unicycle used by Robin Williams. I own and learned on an almost identical Schwinn back in the 1980’s. For that kind of memorabilia, I don’t think that’s steep at all, especially for someone who’s a big fan and can afford it.

If I was rich I would buy that in a heartbeat.

I have a similar 20" Schwinn from the 70s. It won the Pairs Freestyle competition at Unicon I. I would have bid on Robin’s uni if it were between the “estimated $800 - $1200”, especially as the charity is one that’s very related to what we do at my company (STEP).

His has the Viscount seat with plastic bumpers (1986 or later), but that must have been a replacement, as the rest of the cycle is the pre-'86 version with square taper cranks (~1980-83). Surface rust on frame and rim. Pedals have minimal signs of droppage, which suggests either that they were replaced, or the cycle had very little use. Does anyone know if Robin Williams could ride one?

I couldn’t find any reference to him riding a unicycle, but while searching I cam across this site which I thought was interesting and relevant, and I can’t find any other reference to it on here.

The only thing I found was Conan O’Brian claiming that “Robin rode all of them” one minute out in this video:

I doubt that he rode the unicycle. If he did, there would probably exist a lot of pictures of it.

This site claims he was able to do it, but without any proof:
Also, we’d like to point out there’s a unicycle in the collection, because of course Robin Williams could ride a unicycle.