Was out riding the other day we came across a trails biker riding a koxx set up. just wondering about using other rims on uni set ups.
Any positive or negative comments or experiences with using trials bike rims, is there even any big difference?

if you mean, like 19" rims, then alot of people do…

the Koxx light drilled rim is not very liked, simply because its a bit weak however the Koxx undrilled is very liked as its 47mm and very strong.

I think the DX32 alexander rim is a trials rim originally and is very liked, although the KH05/nimbus rims are better now.

and of course the onza 19" rims, and the qu-ax rims

But its because unis use 36 spokes and bikes 32 that there arent all the rims available for unis.

But most people are content with KH 05 or 07 rims or koxx street rims.

I like the V!Z rims.

Yeah, you really have to watch out for a rim with 36 holes. Almost the whole trials bike community uses 32 spoke wheels, so either they change or we make a compatible hub.

Their really isn’t such a thing as a unicycle specific rim, some may have been designed for unicycles but really they are still bike rims. Basically any rim that is the right size will work. Then you just need to look at it from a strength and compatibility standpoint just like any other rim.

Was out riding the other day we came across a trails biker riding a koxx set up. QUOTE]

koxx makes trials stuff for bikes too.

and actaully his rims were probably try-all and not koxx.

and koxx is a bike make. Koxx-one is a uni make…

but never mind lets not get picky with the details.

Someone try a monty ti rim, 15oz.


Tarty bikes has it, i bet tim at trialsin could get you one also. Its not that wide i dont think.

I know they’ve been making bike stuff for ages

i don’t like the dx32.
or any alex rims.

there not that strong. and they dont come round from the factory.

Wrong. Dx’s are fine, plenty strong, though slightly narrow for anyone who wants the qualitys of a wide rim.

i’m almost 200 lbs, and i haven’t hurt my alex dx at all. i’ve done 5+ foot drops and i’m not exactly smooth or graceful. the dx is a good, affordable rim, i’d recommend wider but it gets the job done.

When you say wide, do you mean this http://www.unicycle.au.com/images/shop/monster.jpg or something else?? :smiley: :smiley:

No…I meant the dx is 32mm wide and most mod rims come wider than that now adays, and most people like the extra wideness, though not all need it.

OHHH well that makes sense then. I prefer skinnier rims myself. We all have different tastes and it’s all good. That’s what makes us UNIque. :smiley: :smiley:

Isn’t the DX32 38 mm wide? I thought the 32 was because the inner width was 32mm and the outer was 38, and since the outer width is whats measured on other rims its not as huge a difference.

But yeah DX32 rims aren’t that great. I weigh next to nothing and the biggest things I do are big 8 sets and I put a flat spot in my rim. O well I will have a new KH rim soon.

well even at 38mm the koxx and KH rims are 47mm which is 9mm or nearly a cm which is a fair amount… or i would say so anyways…

but then again i’ve never done alot of trialsy riding on a thinner rim so i couldnt say

i have done trials on my old rim, it was an average bicycle rim. it sucks wider=better up to a certain point, I think the KH is just shy of that point and so it is the best :slight_smile:

that said, i ride a nimbus double walled rim, supposedly it is 42mm wide… but im not sure. anyways I bent it, but i don’t think anyone else will, it is extremely strong and the way I bent it was so harsh that there is almost NO chance that you would ever put that much pressure on it.

the end I think.