Riley Crosby- A Uni Life (Documentary)

I made this for my final project for a media class I’m taking in school.
I used a Canon GL2 for most of the filming.
I used Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Affects 4 to edit it.

Most of the footage is old. And the riding isn’t my best but I was in a rush to get it finished. I have already started working on better documentary that I am entering in a Film Competition.

Please rate and comment on the youtube page and be sure to tell me how you like it.

-Riley Crosby
p.s. it’s probably not processed yet but it should be soon.

that was hilarious!!!

Man that was freakin legit lol

takes up homework time, school time, family time… time… homework… loved that part haha

nice vid!

that other guy was me! LOL

thanks holmes.
yeah i tried to add some humor to it haha im glad it worked.

i got the class again next semester so be expecting another video.

hahaha awesome.

That was sick. In my opinion, humor makes any video better. The riding was fantastic too.

Fun and funny video. Excellent riding.

Amazing, A++

I would have been pissed if you didn’t add that 10 stair. Glad you did, cause thats freakin awesome.

Great job. Weird editing at around 2:09 ish though. it twitched, haha.

that was sick. you have an awesome trials set-up. Me and my friends are thinking about making a documentary also but were not quite as good as you guys, but were getting there.

Wow, great documentary! It made me think of why I started to unicycle. Such an unlikely happening; but I guess it had to happen to someone…glad to be a part of such of creative, unique (no pun intended) group.

haha thanks guys.

Yeah I saw those twitches. They really annoy me… But I didn’t have time to fix them before the project was due yesterday.
oh yeah and don’t forget to rate it on the youtube website.

Come on guys, no ones commenting on youtube.

Awesome vid, chicks do dig it! Pimpin.

And OHMYGAWD Jarom baby! you have the golden smile my friend.

man, that was a really cool documentary, i like it:)

and i also broke my hand at unicycling

chicks do dig it lol thanks dude but im straight

what is that supposed to mean? :thinking:

World Class

Riley … world class riding there. And your buddy Jarom riding with a cast and one-arming it. Thats loving it.
Got a uni for Christmas as well as a lad… Funny.
Really enjoyed the film. A+
Worth my time.
Good Luck in the Film Deal.

i want this video. on a scale of 1-5 this video gets an infinite. Love your backyard. Love everything about this video.