right foot mounter, left foot idler

so i am confused becuz I’m right handed and I always mount with my right foot. I’m trying to learn to idle, and it feels more comfortable when i do it left-footed. Has anyone else experienced this or something like it, or should i just keep trying to do it with my right foot?

what do you mean by “mount with right foot”? your right foot is on the pedal and your left foot goes for the forward pedal? or the reverse?

Doesn’t matter which foot, but better if you learn to idle with both because idling is control through the vertical cranks position and you want that with both. It’s nice swapping feet when the working leg gets tired when you practice too.

Here’s the link to a very interesting conversation, back in 1994, about the importance (or not) of practicing skills ambidextrously.


My approach to learning has always been to practice skills alternating between the dominant and non-dominant side.

It took me a couple weeks to learn to idle with my dominant foot, then like twenty minutes to learn with the other foot.

After I learned to idle I gained a new sense of balance and way of learning things.

Don’t listen to those old crackpots. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mount left foot forward, prefer hopping right foot forward, crank flip left foot forward, unispin right foot forward.

It is annoying not having everything the same foot. Trying to work out pedal line ups and needing to put an extra half rev in if I am trying to do a unispin instead of crank flip is annoying.

Also when practicing stillstands if I want to still stand straight from mounting I need to learn stillstands left foot forward, I am much better right foot forward however.

I think it is best to make an effort to do things on the same leg in the beginning, even if it feels harder.

I have the same problem but the other way round like you say it’s a pain having to do half a crank before you can hop