Riding wearing costume?

Recently purchased a 7 foot costume (Halloween approaching…)
Wonder if I can ride my 29" Hatchet wearing the thing.
Anyone tried riding uni with costume? If so what are do & don’t?
My giant costume has a tail(don’t ask) wonder if I should tie it to prevent UPD. :roll_eyes:

You can put one foot on each of the pedals, but I’m not sure what you should do with the other five… :stuck_out_tongue:

Riding with a costume very much depends on the costume. Freestylers can ride beautifully and do amazing tricks with long skirts, for example. The costume must allow your body to make the necessary movements to ride, and you can get away with some limitations of movement if your skillset allows.

Don’t give up on the tail yet, it may look much cooler and be worth a little risk to have it back there. Depending on the design (what do you mean, don’t ask?), you might be able to whip it side to side as you ride, or do spins and have it fly around you.

Most importantly, practice with the costume before you ride around people. You’ll be more confident, and less of a danger to them.

Please post pictures after the fact, if it’s not too embarrassing… :slight_smile:

Check out this “Fat Man” costume on a giraffe unicycle.

Here’s Chris Martin’s video (end).

I can tell you one thing: riding in a skirt/dress with a saddle that has a handle makes it look like you have a boner. Found that out the hard way before a freestyle routine. I was actually lying on the ground laughing when I first saw my pairs freestyle partner in his (yes, his, the whole theme was 2 guys riding a freestyle routine to Celine dion- “My heart will go on” in regular clothes than noticing that the music or the costume are wrong, and changing both, and riding flatland to hiphop in dresses) costume for the first time.

I really had to pull myself together during the routine (we had started planning the whole thing the day before, first time riding in a dress was the day of competition. Well, at least now I know why freestyle riders usually have short dresses/skirts, or cut a slit in them along the front.

I like that song, never knew it had uni in it. LOL

Me in a costume, 20 years ago.

Halloween 2016

I’m 70% sure that I will see someone in a Pennywise Clown costume riding a unicycle this Halloween.

Paris ride in 2012 (me in black with a tail pie) with 36"