Riding through shallow water

I would like to be able to ride through some water at the shallow edge of a lake. This avoids going through some unrideable terrain (at least for me). I need to ride about 20 yards through a depth of about 4 to 6 inches of water. In the late summer and through the winter, it’s dry, but as the spring snow melts, this end of the lake fills up.

So, any advice? Do I just plow ahead? Is it like riding through mud? Will the tire stick like it does in mud? I imagine I’ll get my feet wet the first few tries. And the water is quite cold, so I would prefer not to take too many dives into it.

My experience is that riding through water usually goes alright, but there tends to be unexpected obstacles and slippery surfaces so you’re more likely than otherwise to upd.

You’re going to get wet at that depth, even if you stay on. The bottom determines how rideable this water will be. That’s a big variable. The wider your tire, in general, but better it will roll over soft stuff (and bumps).

Just plow ahead, not fast, and be prepared for bumps or mushy spots. If you do well, your shoes will be all wet before you dismount into the water. :slight_smile:


watch out for trash like broken glass.
that can really mess You up

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