Riding in Berlin

I don’t speak any good german so I’ll write this message in english, hopefully it’s ok with all of you!

I’m currently visiting my dad in Berlin, and will be here until august 20th!

I wanted to know if you ever organized any rides?

If not I’d want to know if anyone would want to go ride some street or flat or even trials unicycling with me during my stay in the city!

I’m currently staying not too far from the airport near St-Stephan church… i think. I’ll have the exact area soon!

Hoping some of you ride frequently!:slight_smile:

Hello Edmund,

welcome in Berlin.

Some guys want to meet and ride this week on workday.
Please have a look here

If you mean St. Stephanus Church then unicycler94 seems not to be far from you. Perhaps you contact him directly.

Me and some others try to meet us on weekends to make some cross or muni-tours. So if you are interested please answer in the other thread.

Perhaps we will see us on this weekend.