Riding events Wales 2009

Anyone interested in these? I have registered for this:


And this looks fun:


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I did the Gower ride for the first time the year before last on my 24".
I plumped for the 16 mile route that year.
Last year I did the 29 mile route on my 29".
Lots of fun, great ride, great atmosphere, highly recommended.
One picture of me at the start, one picture of me at the finish looking pooped.


Great! thanks for the feedback. That’s some going on a 24". How long did it take on the 29". I was going to do it on 36er and thought this (and me) would be ok for the 29mile route. Did you take many dismounts for a break during the 29mile? Are you going to do it this year? If so what on?

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There’s a write-up of the 16 mile route here.
I didn’t do a write up for the longer ride last year.
Probably because I was too knackered.
The long route took longer than I thought on the 29, probably four and a half hours.
But that includes plenty of breaks, more towards the end of the ride because I was A) seriously unfit and B) had a seriously numb arse.
I didn’t take a break for the first seven miles last year, but towards the end had to take four or five just in the last two miles.
A 36er would be ideal for this run as it is mostly flat with only three or four long, unrelenting climbs.
I’d love to do it again this year, and would probably use the 29 again.

If you’re thinking of coming down drag Cathwood with you.

I would definately be up for the 15 mile one. The 30 miler sounds like it’s a bit too hilly for me. 30 miles is difficult enough on the flat.

Howdy Cath,
I saw some pics of you on the Chester bike pathway event - can’t remember where the pics came from though. Anyway, it was the event that you did with the little lad who was riding a bike - and the wind was blowing a gale? Sure looked windy :astonished:
Are you gonna do the Gower event? Hope so - I imagine a few unicycles would be good. If you decide to go will you be using your 36er or something smaller?

Still on a steep learning curve with mine but have few more months of practice yet.

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ooo yes, that brings back taumatic memories

The little lad who was riding a bike (my son) did a 4 mile sponsored cylce for the RSPB today on his 20". I didn’t think he’d do it because he only really learnt last summer and hasn’t really practiced since. But he was determined and he did it. Will put some pics up in the pic thread soon.

I don’t know about the Gower event. It’s a long way away (in time and space :))

Oh come on!

There’s a tray of chips and gravy in it for you if you come down.

Yeah come on! I’ll throw in a saveloy with the chips and gravy :smiley:

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Hey hey, let’s not go nuts.
Next thing you know we’ll have unicyclists from all over the UK wanting to ride because of your rash saveloy promise.

You trying to start a riot or what?

Well you know what they say:

There’s the ‘works’
Here’s the spanner
Throw it… :stuck_out_tongue:

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A saveloy? Done and done :D.
I don’t suppose anyone has a route map of the Gower bike ride. A link to a ride planning site would be sweet.

July would give me plenty of time to practise my hill climbing and would be much warmer for the inevitable camp the night before. It seems the trains don’t like to go from Bristol to Swansea in the morning.

Think this works:


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Here’s the route.
It’s been changed over the years.
It used to include the fearsome Cefn Bryn which was quite frankly, a pig of a hill to climb.
The route also used to include a lot more pubs, but nowadays having a pint on the return leg is frowned upon.
The shorter route cuts left just before Gowerton and heads back to Swansea via the picturesque Clyne Valley.

I am 100% certain there is a good chip shop on the route.

And exactly what did you do for this to happen?
Do remember this is a family forum when replying.

Cheers boss, that’s very helpful. Wow that hill looks less than appealing.

grr, too late to edit.

Map my ride won’t let me save the route, but it seems like the elevation isn’t too horrendous (assuming I got the route right).
min: 3ft
max: 358ft
ascent: 948ft
descent: -951ft

Would that be on the short route or the long route?..I need to know because, some how, it might effect the circuit I choose to ride. :roll_eyes:

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For once, I had nothing to do with a beer related incident.
The silly buggers on two wheels were to blame for drunken crashes.
I can see the sense in shifting the route away from the drinking spots.
Some of the hills coming down from the pubs were very steep and had blind corners.
Although I still remember that last year the police were breathalysing cyclists at the final pub stop before the finish and more than a few were told not to continue.

It’s one of those hills that when you get to the top, you cheerfully vomit.

That first hill is Carmarthen Road.
See the previous comment about cheerful vomitting.

It’s a hundred yards from the start line.
What, too soon?

Gower ride looks good, I am interested, nothing booked for that day yet. I would probably ride the 36" although I have a 29" as well so it would depend a bit what size unis others were on.
Would I be allowed in, this thread seems to be a bit exclusivley Welsh at the moment. I do live on the right side (West) of the River Severn though, even if it is only by about 1/2 a mile.:smiley: