Riding events Wales 2009

Having met you on the last Snowdon ride, I can testify to your good character.
Plus you prefer cider to beer, which is always a good thing in my book.
Other riders from England may need to bring passports and proof of shots.

I’m afraid the largest wheel I have is my 29", so I have no option but to use that.
But if you guys want to shoot off on your Cokers, that’s not a problem.
The day is all about having fun, and while it would be nice to stick together as a group, it’s not the end of the world if we don’t.
You speed merchants can get the beers in while I catch up.
I meant chips!
You can get the chips in while I catch up!

Yeah… chips, ok?

Does this make me an honory Welshman for the day?
Also, in my defence, listening to the crowd sing before an international at the Millenium Stadium brings a lump to my throat.
It is about 1,000,000 times better than that dirge of a national anthem that we are stuck with.

sut da chi Sais! It would help more if you spoke Cwmraeg. I just thought I would chip in with that seeing as I am dysgu Cwmraeg. Anyway, enough of that already! I will be riding my 36er and it would be good to see someone else on one. Mind you I am not so good on hills so don’t let me hold you up! I will be travelling down from Machynlleth where the sheep outnumber chip sho……er sorry I mean people. For some reason every time I post to this thread I’ve got food on the brain :roll_eyes:

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I’ve always like the French national anthem.
The Italian one is quite jolly and up-tempo too.

Looks like I’m going to have to attach that flux capacitor to my seatpost.
Whether I’ll be able to reach 88mph is another thing entirely.

Wait, if I can reach 88mph then I won’t need a flux capacitor.

OK… well I’ll just have to break out the rocket-powered 36er :astonished:


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