riding at events :)

I was riding with my friend when a woman came up to us an asked us if we wanted to ride around at the local show :astonished: we said yes :slight_smile: and I was wondering if anyone else has been asked to ride at local events and did you get paid??:smiley:

She said we may have to wear clown suits. :frowning:

yes, but unless I’m paid, I can take it or leave it, I certainly won’t wear a clown suit under any circumstances, even if it’s provided. Usually if it’s close by, and I get free food or other goodies, I’ll go. Walkaround stuff is pretty fun : ). . . well on a uni, I guess it’s ride-around

I rode a parade yesterday, didnt get paid and didnt wear a clown suit.:stuck_out_tongue:
Riding at events is quite fun:D

I got asked once but I wasn’t paid. I got a free lunch though, and my friend didn’t ate his hot dogs so I got 4 free hot dogs:p

Someone also asked me if he could to a school project on me, he never called back though.

Clown suit? That definitely means don’t do it for free. The question is how much is your unicycling worth?

I have nothing against clowns; real clowns. “Clown suit” is something worn by regular people to make them look like (usually bad) clowns, but who are not otherwise clowns. Only wear the clown outfit if you intend to live it; be funny. Fall down. Interact with people. Charge money.

If you plan to practice tricks instead, forgo the clown outfit and don’t ask for money. Nobody should pay you to practice. If you can combine the practicing with entertaining and interacting, then you’re back to being worth a few bucks. If you will ride with the audience in mind (not yourself), don’t do it for less than $50. Free food is not payment. That same person would give her mom the same thing if she were there, for doing nothing. :slight_smile:

But unlimited drinks (water, soda) would be good!

ive down shows for churches and all of my local libraries. I got paid to:D and free food. I really enjoyed doing the shows to, all the kids want to try to ride your uni and its a blast just seeing everyones reaction to when you jump up things.

The clown suit tho… well thats up to you. Personally i would ask for a high price for pay for that one :sunglasses:

Yeah. The woman said a POSSIBLE pay-check and POSSIBLE clown suit but we’ll see. she did say for us to ride around and do tricks though and that might be hard in a clown suit.

for doing tricks just do simple things like riding backwards or one footed. people dont really appreciate harder tricks like a unispin or a crankflip because most the time it doesnt look that hard.

I noticed that too. I could do a unispin or just ride backwards and they would rather see backwards.