Riding 27 miles per hour

Savageuni and I rode about 27 mph today on our 36ers. That was our estimated air speed anyway. Our actual ground speed was much less since we were riding into a very strong headwind.

Savageuni is the proud owner of a brand new Nimbus 36er.

This post is just highlighting the fact that I didn’t know the difference between air speed and ground speed. to wikipedia!

Does that mean you guys were airborne?

Or were they just still-standing in a strong headwind?


Wow, that means that those of us who raced in the Marathon Road race at Unicon XV were probably riding close to 70-80km/hr.

Why not factor in the speed of the Earth’s rotation? You were going much much faster than you think!:smiley:

and at SINZ on the rail trail in the dust storm…I wonder how fast that would be :astonished:

You mean this? I imagine well over 120km/hr


Sideways. :slight_smile:

Not to mention the Earth’s solar orbit, or the solar system’s orbit around the galactic center, or…umm…oh…sorry.

I had my computer at full volume when I clicked on that link and I scared the crap out of myself!

I hope you got a video of that, too.

Another video - showing the dust storm that day:


Edit: yes, turn volume down haha.

I was clocked going 28 mph downhill on my 36’er by some fellow bicyclists a few months back.

me too:o

Congrats Savageuni on your new uni!