Ride the Lobster- First Blood

Team NZUNI will need to go to the hospital later this morning. This will need stitches :frowning:

Veroniques leg.JPG

Did it even happen on a Uni?

Yes, about 30min ago, on a night Coker ride.

That’s way deep…
Hope it isn’t too bad :frowning:

That looks pretty bad! Just have to ask; was he wearing shin-only guards but no knee protection, or no guards at all?

So who bit the dust?

May I recommend neoprene knee protection for all riders? I’m sure this will not be the first badly skinned knee of RTL.

Ken, thanks so much for the proper etiquette, getting right to the bloody picture. I knew we could count on a forum veteran like yourself to buck the recent trend of starting injury threads with no actual documentation.

All that said, I’m sorry to hear of this first injury, especially since it’s before the race has started. You didn’t mention who the victim was, but I hope they’re still able to race okay with the stitches and residual pain. Hopefully if they pedal fast enough, they can leave the pain behind.

Maybe refer him here?

Sorry Tom :o

I should have put something in the title. I guess I see so much of this stuff I forgot about other forum users. I can’t change the title now though, it’s past the edit time.

Anyway, I’ll leave all our competitors guessing who owns that leg.

I’m going to bed. Have a hospital to visit in the morning. It will need several sutures.

I think you just gave away whose leg it was there… :wink:

This just in: Odds on Team NZUNI skyrocket.

Film at eleven.

A highly muscular leg devoid of hair? Well, Irene isn’t from on your team, so I’m guessing it’s your leg, Looi!

It’s such a specific looking injury. Did you fall onto a carrot peeler? Details!!!

I took the filename “Veroniques leg.JPG” to be a clue.

Indeed, I was thinking the same

could be a little give away there!

At least you were riding hard enough eh Ken/Veronique! Good one! Good excuse to administer yourself some adrenaline and morphine eh.

Bummer. Apparently Sam W needed stitches in a frizbee-related cut. Don’t all do yourselves in before the thing even starts!


What a bad start. I feel so bad for those that have gone through so much trouble. It sounds like there were quite a few teams that took some really bad blows, and what makes it even worse is that from the sounds of it almost non of them were unicycle related or their fault.

Hey! That’s my knee!!! :astonished:

It wasn’t so bad, I only needed 5 stitches. I didn’t realize it was so bad when I felt down, I was able to walk and my hand hurts a lot more than my knee. I simply realize that my jean was wet after I washed my hand, and looked what my knee look-like…

So Ken help me a bit with first aid on the night, and in the morning, he never woke up, so I go to the hospital by myself…

I shoudn’t try to follow Williams Skleanar… he’s a bit better than me with a unicycle…

Great memories… :smiley:

Thanks for the pic, Ken!!!

At least, I was able to walk and able to do my job as a suppost person during the week…

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