Richmond, VA ride December 20th!!!!

On December 20th Hell on Wheel is sponoring a day ride at Belle Isle. All are welcome to attend! We are expecting about 10 riders and could always use more! if you are interested, drop me an e-mail

also i need confirmation from the following people:

Nick from Philly

And i hope the following will e-mail me about it soon:


although it is not confirmed, I was thinking meeting at 10am at the belle isle parking lot. e-mail me if you need directions…

No questions I’m there


will nick from philly be coming with you?

I think Mike said he’s gonna be in Maryland for winter break, so probably not.


if anyone under 18 wants to come, e-mail me and tell me!

I will be there, although I don’t know what there is.

I’ll talk to Trip tonight about setting up an easy-to-find rendezvous. Belle Isle is smack in the middle of Richmond, on the James River, about an hour and a half from Fairfax.

We’ll also try and come up with some sort of informal agenda, food arrangements, etc. Of course, your input is welcome. Will keep you posted.


so here is who we have: (in no particular order)

3-Nick M
9-Nick B.

any more? any less?

i was thinking meet in the belle isle parking lot at 10am i will post directions in the next week.

oops, i forgot Brian

also, nick brazzi, we should ride since i am living in dc.

We have three riders from Philly (Nick - shadowuni, Joe - onewheelwizzard, Kevin - TheObieOne3226) who’d like to ride with you guys, but the chances of it happening are tenuous at best. I don’t know if Nick has contacted you or not, I assume that he has and that he’s the “Nick from Philly” you’re referring to. I can’t really speak for him, but seeing that he hasn’t replied to this thread, I felt like someone had to acknowledge that he was mentioned. He’ll probably be able to go (if any one of us can, it’ll probably be him), but as for myself and Kevin, we might not be able to come (as much as we’d love to). Anyway, you’ve probably got one more rider in Nick, and I’ll tell you as soon as I know if me or Kevin can go or not. Oh, and me and Kevin are 16 and 17, respectively. Nick’s 18. Good luck organizing it all!

the reason im asking is just about the whole waiver thing

im kinda fine not doing it as long as thats okay with everyone. i just hope you dont have mean parents and that you dont die

I say keep this thing laid back.

Its not an offically orginized event and should just be a chill time for everyone to come out and ride.

10 am sounds like a good time to start the ride maybe even a little early, concidering that people are going to be driving from out of sate, But whatever I’ll get up if I have to :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets just take it from there, the group isnt too big where we need to have a schedule of events and know exactlly what trails we are going to be riding and where we will stop for lunch.

That said thanks for planning it all out and hosting.


what i was thinking is meet at 10, but there are some good rocks at the parking lot for trials, and since we will know who will be coming, we can wait for those lagging on time. since its only a day i dont think we need to be too formal. the reason i am turning this into a whole event is just to help out the sport, hopefully we can make some new friends and maybe rub of on some amazed onlookers :-). Plus, i just wanna make a really fun event so that people will be interesting in coming to my DC even next spring! If you guys are interested in t-shirts, just tell me! i would cover the cost, no problem. here is the design and if you are interested, e-mail me your size! my e-mail is listed above.
i had to shrink it to fit it on so its not very clear (the picture is a map of belle isle but it might be too hard to tell because of the distortion due to shrinking it).

belle isle tshirt2.bmp (515 KB)

sorry i am posting so much, but HELMETS REQUIRED. tell nick from philly if he doesnt see it since he forgot his helmet when he went to the NJ weekend. please keep checking this thread since due to the large amount of riders, i may need to institute a waiver… (if you are 18 or older dont worry about, maybe you could sign something upon arrival but if under it will be important).

OK, it is the same Nick. I’ll tell him about the helmet thing, don’t worry. What might end up happening is a couple people alternating riding or trials and sharing a helmet, but if there are more people going than helmets we should be able to scrounge up enough money to get another helmet or two.

if you really dont have helmets we can find some extra for you, they might not fit too well or look too cool but its better than nothing. some of these belle isle trials are really dangerous though and it is important to be safe.


rides from dc

I look forward to a nice wintry ride! Would Mike or anyone be interested in carpolling from the DC area???

I want a T-shirt to the max! instead of a waver we could just have anybody under 18 to get a note from their guardians that said- I so and so’s guardian do hereby permit appropriate medical treatment to be administered to so and so in hte event taht it is needed. then the guardian signs it and wha la! there is your waver, but you dont have to do anything!

im cool with that