RH reeder? and other seat compatibility questions

Hi everyone,
I am just trawling for some advice about whether or not my prospective seat set up will work.

Firstly i am wondering if anyone makes a Reeder type handle for RH riders? I’ve had a look around and only found LH makes of the handle. From the pictures i have seen i wonder what makes the handle specific to LH riders anyway? It looks to me that the handle runs perpendicular to the orientation of the seat (not favoring one hand over the other) and that the mounting ‘arm’ is out of the way and would not be held when using the handle as well.

Also, can you see any problems with mounting the reeder on a CF base with a brake attachment like this one


Would this be the best way (or most common) to mount a magura with spooner for the reeder handle?

The rest of the saddle would be the foam of a KH freeride seat for the seat base, and then all mounted on a KH rail-less seat post.

Any help in answering these questions would be greatly appreciated!

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damn- edit time ran out. I did a little more looking around and realized that the KH brake mount would definately not work with the reeder handle- so would i have to use a KH rail adapter style seatpost?

i also had a look at the picture of the reeder handle here:

and noticed the mounting holes might not make the handle orientate perpendicular to the seat- and therefore not be ambidextrous. hmmm. any help?

Yes you’ll need a KH rail adapter and rail seatpost, if you want to run a brake. You may well be the first person to use a KH Spooner with a Reeder handle. This photo shows a Reeder handle and a brake with a Delta brake lever extender. The Delta BLE might be better than the KH as it looks like the lever would be too far away to easily reach using a KH Spooner.

Reeder handles have a definite ‘handness’ to them. You can use a left-handed one with your right-hand but its really not very comfortable. Handle does not run perpendicular to the direction of travel, but at an angle to it. These were made by George Barnes, and there is information on his site about them. The PDF here also has a useful photo on page 3 of a Reeder being attached to a Miyata CF base.

Bear in mind that when these were made the only CF bases around were the Miyata ones. They are essentially flat on the bottom, whereas the KH ones are curved, so a Reeder might not sit very well on them (probably a good idea to use a section of inner tube between Reeder handle and KH CF base.)

RH Reeder

I use a RH reeder with the KH rail adapter on a carbon fiber seat frame. SOme of the things you speak to are correct. The spooner is not a good application because of the HS33 magura handle being too far from the reeder to get a finger on the paddle. #1 advantage of the reeder is the protection factor for the Magura handle. It completely protects the brake in the regular occurence of hitting the handle on rocks, etc. after a UPD. You’re also right in that the angle of the RH reeder is such that you will not be able to mount so the handle itself is positioned at 180 degree T to the seat frame. Mine is probably mounted at about 155-160. I’ve found that the softer angle is easier on the wrist and shoulder, but doesn’t hinder the ability to side hop or drop at all. Use rubber washers in between all interfaces of Carbon Fiber and Metal handle base. I did buy my RH Reeder through UDC about 3 years ago, not sure why they only have the LH now…

Hope this helps.

I’ve ridden with the wrong sided one, and it was horrible. The angle at which they’re at means that you are slightly twisting your wrist the wrong way.

I rode with the correct handed one, and it was okay - although the pointy corner of it is perfectly positioned to hit you each time you crash - after a short (1-2 hour) ride, I had a noticeable bruise there. It is kind of nice for hops, but I don’t like it as much as the KH handle otherwise - the KH handles have got so good nowadays that there aren’t the same problems that people were trying to solve with the reeder style handles. Reeder handles were great when you compared them to a miyata or viscount, or even the early KH handle. They are also jolly heavy if that makes a difference to you.


I made a custom mount to go with my Reeder. I really like this set up.

Brake Mount.JPG