Review my movie please

Hey me and a friend just made a movie today… and i just want some comments on what could be better and what u liked and stuff… I am the one on the Trials unicycle… my friend is the one on the Red freestyle uni… thanks

nice stuff! that was like 5 or 6 180’s in a row. that was nice. and stick with that stand up ww. you already got the transition in and are pretty solid so thats a good. also your friends seat wrap was clean. keep at it man good job. and jimmy eat world-pain is an awesome awesome song.

i started cracking up at the credits.
"peanut butter jELLAY! peanut butter jELLAY!
peanut butter jELLAY! peanut butter jELLAY! peanut butter jELLAY! "
that’s like my theme song.

haha… Yeah it is soo fun to make movies… what would u rate this out of ten?? 10 is highest like DEFECT----0 is like SUCKEY!!

just because of the awesome PBJ song, and that one other song… and that bit about gum, i’d give it a 10 on the comedic gold scale, and an 8.5 in the Uni vid category.
definately a keeper.

Well that was the worst fall I have ever seen resulting from riding backwards:D I liked the stand up wheel walk.

ok well since you ask… Im in a bad mood tonight so dont take it too personal… filming your self hoping up and down a 2 set… yea… NO…1foot idinling on a box that is 5 ft above the ground… WHY ? it’s same damn trick it’s not like that box was a skinny… and I think thats about all… am I gonna loose rep for this ? you asked to tell you what we thought…

and out of 10… well it was very painfull to watch… so how about -10 ? haha no jk jk 1 sounds good

oohh yea… most of us always ride on places where it says private proprety or some shit like that… DO WE FILM IT TO LOOK COOL ?.. if u wanna be such a rebel get a security guard there give him crap… wait till the cops get there and throw ur uni in there windhield and film it… I might give u a 3/10 for that…oh yea the bails were rlly awefull as well… break ur leg in a bail and put tht in a movie u might just get 4/10…and also do not put riding backwards for no reason in a movie please…

I liked your good tricks. The sequence of 180 uni spins was impressive, as were the hop-on-seat combinations, as was the stand up wheel walk. However, showing them in a video alongside clips of you hopping one-at-a-time up a set of four stairs threw me off. Basically, without those advanced moves you did, your video was kind of a “just another guy that has been riding for a year or two and is making his first video” kind of thing. Adding those big stand up wheel walk//180 unispin combos changes the entire tone of the video… I’m not sure if i’m being clear enough, or too harsh, but i really don’t think that stand up wheel walking belongs in the same video as riding backwards (and vice versa). You know what i mean? Also, a tripod would really help you out a lot. Regarding editing: Complicated tranistions draw attention to the transition, rather than the footage. If that is your goal, for example if you had two love-themed shots (or a moment in the song), then a heart shaped scene out would make more sense. But when the purpose of your video seems to be “here’s what i can do, what do you like, how can i learn to do things better,” then the transitions distract rather than help. But that’s just me being nitpicky, having just watched Shaun Johanneson’s video ( It’s a mind-blowing video that is edited very simply. woah!

Don’t take me too harshly–you pull some sick tricks in your video. i wish i could 180 unispin or stand up wheel walk or … … … It’s just that you asked for feedback, and i figgured being critical would be more helpful to you than saying “best video ever! i loved it! perfect ten!” Know what i’m sayin’?

Ha ha ha ha i love how maxisback is so funny, made my mornin.

As for the movie havent watched it



I liked the video, it was good for a first video. it’s sad to see that unicycling is getting to the point where people are no longer supportive other people. it’s even worse to see that some people are taking a complete negitive view of anyone that they deam is not as “good” as them. I am sure there are some tricks in that movie that you can’t do maxis, that stand up wheel walk was awesome! I guess people don’t realize that it’s the new people the people who sustain the sport. buying new unicycles, learning giving us a new point of view. with out people getting into unicycling we would not have profile hubs, we would not have KH products or koxx or any of that. I think people need to remember that just 6 years ago ryan atkins had never even tried trials. Jeff groves had never even ridden a B.C wheel! universe 1 had not been shot. and just 11 years before that Kris holm had never seen a unicycle. I guess what i am trying to say is we all have to start somewhere, moreover just becasue someone isn’t the best does not mean anyone has the right to pick on them or to be mean or rude. I would also like to add that well the new people are well new… doesn’t mean they won’t soon be beter then everyone else! i personally think that if this person’s “new” that he is going to go a long way. It’s a new sport, be nice!!! don’t let it become like skate boarding!!! or many of the other extreme sports!

P.S i think that no one should use this site to be rude, it’s not the spirt of this site!

I think you went overboard with the cuts / transitions. Waaay overboard. Some of the cuts were way too short. I felt like I was watching a commercial on TV.

I was just wondering why you have a trials uni, as you’re obviously more of a freestyle person. The movie itself isn’t one I’ll be watching again, and again, but very few movies do that for me. Ofcourse, I’m not one to pass judgement as I have no movies of my own out there right now :wink: (Will have one out, as soon as I can pick up a decent camera).

hey dude… i know that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and all.

that why in my opinion i think it was way better than the only stuff i’ve ever see maxisback do… which is like 180 5 stairs and clear 7. two words for that BOR-ING.
and no tresspassing signs are cool… so is getting arested for smashing a cops windshield with a uni i guess… but how far are you willing to go with this?

shut up

way better than my first video man… keep it up

My Next movie will be the best!!! ahahha i will learn some new SICK tricks

most of these ppl watching the our movie are haters, i have only been riding for 3 months!!! no respect these days no respect

Most of the people watching your movie are not haters. I started watching the film, but it was like zillions of others that I’ve seen before, so I stopped it short. That means no disrespect to you or your riding skills. I have been riding for about 8 months, an I still can’t go round corners properly!

Don’t take what maxis says to heart - he often comes across as negative even when he’s being positive! I for one regard him as a bit of a ‘local character’ and the fora wouldn’t be the same without him.

Above all don’t feel that you are getting flamed for your first movie.

Keep riding.


Nice job with the unispins, makes me want to get over my fear of them.