Review my movie please

I think that if you ask people to rate it against defect then you won’t get as many positive comments. Yours is more beginner level stuff and Defect is the best production film to date. So people shouldn’t upset when max rates it really low.

ok that is true… how about we compair ours to maxisback’s movie instead of defect ours is MAXISBACK’s movie is

did I ever say I was better ? did you ver see me say that ? and no I cant stand up ww cauz I dont freestyle…and dude if someone asks for the opinion of ppl he better expect to not always get positive feedback… and if u dont want bad feedback then u just dont ask for opinions.

Well yours was a better demonstration of your skill and stuff and it was edited together with music. Max’s just was a couple clips thrown together I think to show people he existed. I have made both kinds of movies (long ones with music and ones with just 1-2 tricks just to show people stuff) and there isn’t really a good way to compare them. You over used transitions and max didn’t use one. Just don’t worry about comparing yourself to everyone else.

yeaaa ? u did know that movie was taped in 15 mins… in the winter… and that it’s not by best footage right ?

anndddd when I posted my clip… I did tlel ppl to give me crap bout it…so u sorta missed your chance…

and Im with spencer… the guy asked for my opinion so ou shut up tomsey…

Maxis dude i agree with allmost everything you have said but
A Tone down the attuitude,if if you dont have one make it clear it shour sound like your pissed
B I dont want you @ss kicked off this forum agin. because i am going to make a crapy movie and i want you to tell me what you think about my riding(crappy)

hey you new here so chill out and dont compare you video to maxis. or defect. You have some better freestyle and uni spin than i do but just chill

noff said

good stuff. i liked the being on the wall but u should have done something other than idle. but it was sweet. i liked the gum ending.

I liked the video.

Don’t get too hung up on what it is like to other videos on the site, do your own thing, and just try to better it each time to post another video on your gallery.

I would of been happy to have waited longer to see the video in better quality, you obviously went to a bit of bother editing it, so go that bit further, and put it on the site in a better quality.

Oh and “maxisback”, chill out, I don’t read and post on this forum to read attitude like that.

It’s true your movie is not the greatest, I stopped watching it early as well. I think however that maxisback is being a bit too intense about it.

Your movie shows average tricks which is always boring.
It is poorly edited with lots of downtimes it doesn’t fit well with the soundtrack.
It’s very poorly shot, most shots are not steady and aren’t framed properly.

No one expects to watch a Hollywood production, but when the riding and the shooting and the editing are below average it’s hard to find interest for a video. Don’t get me wrong, I would never have written that if you hadn’t asked for feedback, I’m sure your next video will be a lot better riding and filming wise.

yeah now i know what to do better… maybe even find some one with a sweet video camera to camera us… cuz we were useing a little digital camera to do our filming… thanks for u comments. even maxisback’ comments… really.

i am glade u said what u REALLY think… maxisback just wait till i get my next one then i want u to tell me what u really think about it… it will be way better…

id be honored to get a good comment like this from tomsey. hes one of the best riders man.

ok… now you say you apreaciate me being honnest ? ehh ? make up your mind… redhead I wasent pissed when I put my review of the movie… I was pissed after when ppl gave me crap cauz I gave my opinion withc they asked for

all i have to say now is, “Where is the love?”

arguments aren’t a nice thing.
why can’t we all be nice?
It’s stuff like this that makes me consider going emo.
But i don’t like emo, so i never will.

i thought it was hilarious, and i liked it.
you can do stuff i can’t.
Ima catch up to you eventually. as soon as it stops snowing.

It was a good video for a first. Just because it’s not all groundbreaking street moves doesn’t mean it sucks.

just that heart shaped transition though…

ya, maxisback, cut out the attitude. And irvinegr, cut out the star shaped transitions. Keep it simple and clean. You want people to remember tricks, not flashy transitions. Mabey have some steadier camera shoooting and you’ll look more professional. I thought that it was a very good first video. Nice job, thanks for sharing.

and you are ?

im gonna put some star wipes and heart wipes in my next vid