Review: Five Ten Sam Hills riding shoes

I just got mine last night direct from Five Ten. The Sam Hill is the custom model of the Impact 2, which is a sticky soled shoe designed for non-cleated biking, so think BMX, trick riding, downhill biking.

I was looking at the Five Ten approach shoes, but they have a narrow toe box and a narrow arch, probably for climbing, whereas the Impact series has a nice smooth sole, no arch at the sole, and a wide area under the arch.

The shoe fits true to size, nice and roomy at the toe box. Some folks have found it to be wide, but you can easilly fill that void with a thicker insole. They come with two sets laces, a nice insole.

How do they ride? Well, I’ve been riding in lace up vans, which work okay, but tend to be slippery when wet and not very firm underfoot. The Five Tens have a stiffer midsole, so minimal arch flattening, and they stick really well. I didn’t think they stick too much, but I ride on Snafus, which have minimal cleats.

Overall I think this purchase is probably one of the best things I could do for my riding outside of getting a comfortable seat and wearing bike shorts. It’s sorta like having a good tire on the uni, as the connection between the uni and your legs is via the shoes.

They are pricey at $90-$120, but well worth it for a shoe you’ll ride in for years. They also make a high top in the Impact 2 and the custom Rennie.

On sale!

Keep in mind that the Sam Hill is the same shoe as the impact, so you’re paying more for looks; yes, I can be vain :smiley:

The high tops are pretty durn cool, I almost got the Rennie, but I don’t like the high tops because they rub on the cranks, but some folks really like having ankle protection.

These are not super stiff soled shoes, you can walk in them and use them for other stuff, but they are a bit too much shoe for skating, and the sole will make black marks on floors. They could double as an approach/hike shoe, which makes them really appropriate for the way I muni :roll_eyes:

Just a follow up, been riding the Sam Hills for over a week, both road and muni. All I can say is wow! They stick great, minimal foot slippage, even work well when wet which is sooo awesome.

Fit is roomy, true to siz, fit similar to a lace up skate shoe (Vans), nice big toe box, skate styled “thick tongue”. No complaints at all, they look good, fit good, not too stiff, not too heavy, not too hot, and I’ve only made a couple blackmarks on the kitchen floor :wink:

If you don’t want to spend the extra $$ on the Sam Hill, just get the Impact 2, they are the same shoe, but black.

Other than the fact that the sole isn’t the most durable for gliding, the Impact 2 Mid is the best pair of shoes I’ve ever used for muni and trials. If you hike in them or find them too wide, a pair of Sole Custom Footbed insoles adds quite a bit of support and comfort.


Yeah, some good insoles really help reduce arch fatigue. I use Soles in my trail running shoes and in my 5.10’s, they’re nice and durable.

My Sam Hills were the most expensive pair of shoes I’ve ever bought. And well worth it. They served well for Ride The Lobster, and for most of my unicycling since then!

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