Respraying rim

I want to respray the rim on my Oracle.
I think it is powder coated?

Does anyone have recommendations as to which type of spray paint to use, particularly with regard to scratch resistance?

I painted the rim on my 24" Sun with red spray enamel that I got at an auto parts store. It’s on the same rack as those automotive “touch-up” spray cans but sold as general purpose spray paint at half the price. (I assume it’s the same stuff, that they mix together whatever left-over factory-matched red/blue/green/whatever paint they have and sell it to those who don’t need an exact color match.)

It was either “Dupli-Color” (Sherwin-Williams product) or “Plasti-Kote” (Valspar product, sister brand to “House of Kolor” that the hotrodders like.) I don’t remember which store I went to that time, and your local might have different ones anyway. But that’s some tough paint. Do the scuff-sand/wash/prime/thin finish coats routine and it makes a nice hard finish, like car paint.

Paint they sell in the UK is different from paint they sell in the US, so recommendations from here will not apply directly.
However, I can say from my personal observation that depending on the situation, a regular spray-can enamel will probably be adequate for the job.
The reason I say this is that I haven’t seen that much stuff hit/scratch the rim itself. Usually the tire or frame hits first. That being said, why do you want to re-paint it? Has the paint been damaged in some way, or do you just want to change the color?

Auto paints cure very hard and can be put into spray cans. This way you can choose any colours, tints , metallic, pearls, candy list goes on!!
Biggest thing is preperation!!!
Ideally take the rim out and have someone spray and bake it. If not you can tape up your spokes sand the existing paint appropriately then paint away. You may not need primer depending on things. Visit a local auto paint supplier and have a chat to them,
If your after a quick job that will last well, sand with 600 or 800 wet, then a good brand spray enama. Acrylic usually you wiould need to put clear over the color or polish the final base coat. All to best and briefest knowledge… Painting is fun but really quite involved. Take your time and it will come out just as you hoped.
All the best, just enjoy the process and end result!

I just want to change the colour on my 24" Oracle rim to black.
I was trying to sell it, as I had not yet used it, but really like the round crown so I’ve decided to change the colour instead to all black.

As it has not been used, I thought that little preparation would be needed except for roughing the surface with fine sandpaper.
Any thoughts on this?

I agree, just some sanding with fine sandpaper (600 wetsanding would be best, IMO). Should turn out looking good! (You may want to shoot some clear over it to keep it looking good, but that would be optional.)

make sure to use primer first so the paint sticks well

His rim is already factory powdercoated, so no need for primer. He just wants it a different color. (What, you don’t like orange?) Just sand and shoot.