Request For Review - Jim C' Oddassy Pedals

Please, understand the meaning of words Mr.Hochberg.

So by design you just mean a piece of plastic? By saying that is a good design that will work on those pedals to me it sounds like you are saying if someone made some just like that then they would fit.

Argh, if I had 3D Studio Max kicking around (installed) I would model you some damn grind plates in that.

You know how those plates have long strips that hold them on… cut the middle of those out, and turn them 90 degrees.

Like most have said already, Jim Cs are great i rode them for all my riding pretty much up untill a few months ago when i broke one…i would still be riding Jimmys but i havent had the money to fork for a new pair.

those pedals are very good… i got a pair
jim cilisk designed this pedals because he grind with the pedal on his bmx… he was tired because all his pedals was broking…

they are really strong and a nice for grind/pedal grabs

but i dont think its is good for muni

ya, i looked at them and didnt see how the plates would fit. i just want some kick ass pedals for grinding because thats what destroyed mine

Get some 1/16" sheet metal and cut out an H kind of shape with a large piece in the middle.

Wrap the legs of the H around the pedal body.

man… with jim cili you dont need grind plates

if you take off all the pins of one side of the left pedal . this side will be your grindin side .
after some grinds it will be totally flat

trust me…

you dont need grind plates if you got a jim cili

i was actualy thinking about that but then the side with pins will be heavier making the side with no pins always facing up for me to land on. whatever im getting them, ill figure it out

i just got some jcs yesterday. Very big platform and good pin placement. Pedal grabs are so much easier because of the platform.

I’ve had my JC’s for a couple months now and love them. I put a grind plate on it right away and it’s worked great. I had to use a dremel to cut away some of the pedal to make them fit but it wasn’t too much work if you have the right tools. This is the only pic I have of it…


If you spun it 90 degrees and cut the middle of the bracket things off they should still work.

youre right, good thinking

Actually, don’t spin it, just turn the bracket pieces to fit in where the pin heads are, and take out the pins.

I’ve just got some of these pedals and so far they seem pretty sweet. I’ve never bothered much with grind plates on pedals before still not sure if its worth the hassle of making them. I only ever grind one side also so i’d only ever need one.

That’s exactly what my brother just did this week!
Anyways, I don’t like the grip of the Jim Cs. there just isn’t enough grip for me. i can see this as a problem when you land tricks off of a stair set and there isn’t enough grip to keep you on. If you buy replacement pins ($5 at danscomp) they will probably be grippier.
I just bought a set of Hoffman Sole Mates and am verry pleased with them. They grip well but are not over the top. they also don’t need modification to fit the Kommando grind plates:)

Nah-uh! you still need to modify the pedals. the plates are recangular and the holes are drilled to fit on only one way.

That’s why you just cut the middle part of the brackets out.

Make the fingers go into the pedal at the front and back, instead of the sides.

Still wont work! Trust me! My brother just bought two of them. The holes are offset and will not fit any other way.

Buy me one, I will make it work.