Renegade has....

White Try-alls! now there all gonna be sold out in a couple seconds since I revealed this. $55 is the incredible deal.
I feel sorry now for the people that bought them for so much at unicon or paid to ship overseas.

Lmao im tryin to get one but for the first time Tom is takin a bit to get back to me…Dang you guys for makin him so busy :wink:

i just got my email back from him before I posted this. He said to tell him, in the comments box when ordering, you want white and its $55 instead of $49

If you had finished that sentence in the Title box (that’s what it’s for), this might actually be a useful thread. Now it’s just another “mystery thread,” hard to search on and generally useless.

i just switched my black tire to a white one on my order!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: im very happy:D :smiley: :smiley:

Woah, I should get one, my tire is WAYYY to bald, might order one tonight actually…

Thread name Gestapo makes his rounds…

Any guessing how long it will stay white until it gets a nice dirty grey?

Depends, but not very long.

They turn out sort of light grey / brown colored.

It depends what kind of ground you ride on. If I ride in the street it will get pretty dirty but then I can go on cleaner concrete and it will clean itself.

That sucks. I just bought a black one last week. I would have waited.

I was just about to buy one till I saw this thread…are they on the website cause I didn’t see them. Can I have a link if they are. I emailed them though

they arent on the site u need to call/email them to get one

just add the black one to your cart, then state in the comments box when checking out that you want a white one.
as I said before the white one is $6 more.

Wow. Another guy who can’t finish a sentence and doesn’t get the point. Thread titles that are comprehensive are useful now and in the future. Thought fragments for thread titles are just as useful as the links that people insist on posting with no description hoping that people will come along and blindly click on them.

white tyres comes to the USA…

they don’t get too dirty mine ain’t too bad although i’ve been doing only urban trials, but i’ve been on slightly wet grass a bit, it just goes kinda beige, don’t expect it to stay pristine white but i mean even slightly off grey/beige, it still looks cool

They are already sold out! I didn’t have time to call until today and they are all gone. They said they may have more in three weeks possibly.

Tried to order one this morning

Not sure if i got one though. I guess ill see.

ya, sold out, i knew this would happen :frowning:

some sneaky selfish person probably bought like 5 of them.
Anyway, I bought one which should be here in a couple days.