Recumbent Unicycle

Howdy! Check out my latest project (including a video):

The “recumbent unicycle”. Very tricky to ride…

I still need to paint it, and build a little back rest and a more comfy seat. I’ll bring it to nationals for other people to play on (I mean, get hurt on).


That looks like fun!

If you put a small training wheel on the front it might protect the gears and make it easier to mount.


That’s insane! Does the pedalling action get in the way of balancing? It looks like it might.
Oh, and put some guards on it before you crush your fingers holding the edges of the seat! :astonished: :astonished:

Good work though, I was expecting the wheel to be between the legs to keep the COG lower…

Yours already seems cooler than this guy’s -and less awkward!


Cool, reminds me of the one pictured on my Garage Page (above). Except for one major omission, the backrest! To me, that’s a crucial part of any good recumbent. After all, what’s the point, if not to be comfortable? You know how much you’re sacrificing to get into that position, so it had better be comfy when the cycle is all done. :slight_smile:

Do you think the cranks are too long? Looks like a big circle your feet are making. And how’s that chain guard holding up so far? Notice Erik’s doesn’t have one, and that chain was taking quite a beating!

I can’t wait to try it…

Duh, that’s your name on the photo isn’t it?

Haha! Look at the post times. I didn’t see your post until I had written mine, then I added the “(above)”. Yes, I took that picture, at Unicon VIII in 1996. It’s generated a lot of discussion over the years, but not many recumbent builds that I’m aware of.

I notice the angle of Erik’s is much more tilted forward than Corbin’s. I guess placement of the cranks and seat in relation to the axle are important in determining how “laid back” the cycle will be. Adjusting the seat could make a big difference, assuming the seat is adjustable…

Thats crazy, I want to have a go on one!! I think without a backrest would be better, how about being fully led down a luge!

Nice work Corbin,please keep the unigadgets coming.Is that a geared unicycle I can hear?


Nice! It’s even more “recumbent” than the one I’ve seen before (the one in John’s photo). I agree with John about the seat though - needs a big leather armchair on top of it :slight_smile:


Hi All,
@scott @john – the gear bash guard does protect the gears a bit, but I need to weld on something to protect it better.

@ 4umfreak - a lower cog would be easier to ride; the CG would be easier. Pedaling does interfere slightly with balance. You have to pedal “lightly”.

@john – yeah, the cranks are probably too long. It is just a hack, and one of my goals was to not spend any money on it :slight_smile: The chain guard bends quite a bit, and i’ve bent it back straight several times. Eventually I’m going to add a backrest – it might actually make it harder to balance, and it is something else to hit when you fall.

The seat on mine isn’t adjustable; I initially was going to make it so, but I opted for “make it work” first.

@dangerdog : yeah! i really want to experiment with home made gunis. I’m going to talk to jogi about his and replicate his design (possibly).


I guess the addition of a backrest, unless it’s really light, will move the center of mass even more rearward, lifting your feet higher. Which I guess will add to the skill needed to ride it!

Wait a minute, that’s backward. The more weight you add to the back, the more it will have to tilt forward to stay balanced. A backrest may make it easier to ride, though tilt you where you don’t get to lean on it as much…

If you fall backwards off that thing, you’re going to hurt yourself. :astonished: Maybe you need wheelie bars.:wink:

Recumbent uni

Hey Corbin,
Good use of those two wheel, thingy parts.

If you had a bucket seat hanging like a pendulum, (your butt in a sling) you could vary your position over the wheel for balance in a seated position, and to counter for leg power, you would need to grab handles for your hands.

I built a sleazy chair costume, I was basically disguised as an easy chair! the headrest was a swing supported by the arms. the swing allowed me to move my hips so that after frightening sitters across the room, I could stand up and run away. this also gave a good fright to trash collecters!

if you used a swing in your set up, you could manipulate your balance from a reclined position…

Kb1jki: That has got to be the coolest homemade costume I’ve ever seen. Very well done, and it looks like you could even let someone sit on your lap, if she was worthy! You should re-post this as a new thread in the “just conversation” thread, so everyone could contribute their past costume fabrications and ideas. Anyway, very nice work.

Corbin: That does look very difficult to ride, nice tenacity. I like your website, creative work.