recumbant bike in defect...

I dont even know if it is considered a recumbant bike or not but in the bonus footage (i believe) someone is riding a vehicle of some sort with two large wheels on either side while lying down like a recumbant bike, but he was able to sort of flip over the bike when he stopped pedaling. What are these “bikes” called? It looked like a lot of fun!

The rider is Sem Abrahams. He is up there for the title of the owner of most unicycle toys award. Here is his web site.

One possible name for the vehicle is dicycle. That’s what we call a “unicycle” with two wheels next to each other. But this is a two-wheeled monocycle (the name we use for riders inside the wheel, or suspended from the axle). Somebody needs to ask Sem what he calls it.

I will. Sem, what do you call it?

We always called them di wheels, and the rider-inside-the-wheel-device a monowheel. It’s pretty difficult not to be recumbant when your seating platform is suspended from an overhead shaft, unless you apply the brakes of course…

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On Mon, 7 Nov 2005 13:37:49 -0600, johnfoss wrote:

>Somebody needs to ask Sem what he calls it.

Or check the Dutch Semcycle website. On

(third picture from bottom) it’s called a dicycle.

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Thanks, now that looks like it would be insanely fun. I would love to see some more clips of Sem’s dicycle in action. If only Sem was a close friend, then I could try out all of his cool toys!

I was talking to Dan, and apperently Sem took a nasty fall while riding the 2 wheeled beast.