Recommendation for Unicycle

Hi all, I am considering getting my bf a unicycle for Christmas. He had tried one for a little bit and really enjoyed it. He’s a beginner but he picks up quickly and has (regular) biked all his life, so I’m confident he doesn’t need an absolute beginner unicycle. He is almost 5’11" tall and slim build.

I’m wondering what you recommend for brands or types, heights of seats, and such. I don’t know much about unicycles at all but I was hoping you all could send some recommendations my way.

Thank you!

If he already knows how to ride, the question is what type of uni would he want? Offroad riding, just riding around the neighborhood, Trials, long distance, etc.

If still learning, we tend to recommend a cheap 20", just not too cheap. Used if you can find one (Craigslist, eBay, etc.). This is a good size for learning, and if not sure what type of unicycling you like start with that or a 24" and take it from there.