Recipe, for on and off the trail.

I recently came upon this recipe from a mountain biking friend of mine who swears by the stuff, and drinks it everyday. I also recently discovered that Clif Bars and Powerbars, DO NOT provide provide enough energy. For me at least. This recipe has tons of essential nutrients for long, or short rides. And tastes great! I’ll provide two of the best recipes, but experiment a little, and find fruits and consistencies you enjoy most. I now, carry a nalgene full of the stuff on my camelback, as food.

Basic Recipe:
2-4 Large Eggs (RAW)
1 cup frozen(or fresh) berries
2-3 bananas
Milk to taste and consistency

Blend it everything and slowly ad milk till you find a consistency you like. It’s great cold or at room temp.

Strawberry Colada version:
2-4 large RAW eggs
1 banana
1/2 frozen(or fresh) berries
1/2 cup CANNED coconut cream/milk
1 cup pineapple juice

I know I know, the eggs do sound gross. But you CANNOT taste them at all. These things are like energy in a juice, and they sure beat the heck out of Clif Bars/GU/PowerBars. Instant energy Nukkas!!! I personnally reccomend that you make one of these and try it AT NIGHT. They can make some people a bit sleepy-ish after the first time drinking them, but after a few, your system(mine did) gets used to it.

Give it a try, you wont regret it.

Re: Recipe, for on and off the trail.

That assumes noone regrets salmonilla.

A cautionary note concerning raw eggs-

A couple of years back I was doing intensive weights and eating a lot to pack on more body mass- this included 2-6 raw eggs/day.

One day I got pretty ill for several days and, on recovering, went to the doctors and got a sample took to check out if it was anything to do with the eggs.

The results came back and, though I can’t remember the name of the stuff they found, the report specifically said that it was an organism very prevalent on poultry farms.

Not conclusive I know, but that was the last time I ate raw eggs.

It’s also worth mentioning that I got the raw eggs from a reputable and ethical farm where the hens were well treated; I shudder to think what you’d get from super-market eggs.

(Also, I’ll mention that super-market ‘free-range’ eggs are generally not from well-treated hens; for example most ‘free-range’ hens are debeaked and kept in over crowded conditions- as well as being unethical, those conditions contribute to the diseases that are rife on poultry farms).

You’ll never know untill you try. 4 years of raw eggs every day and NO salmonella from my friend. I can’t argue witht that. So far, I’ve had 5 of these, and guess what… no sickness whatsoever. Be open minded. We’re unicyclists afterall.

there’s obviously the possibility of salmonella, but what’s life without a little risk? :wink: sounds pretty good, I’ll probably try it sometime.

I used a similar formula when I used to compete. I added like a cup of sugar though.

Anyway, never had problems with raw eggs until I realized that I have a mild allergy to them.

FYI: you can cook the eggs on low heat to kill the bacteria. My sister makes egg nog this way every year. Pain to do, but you really can’t detect the difference. The eggs stay runny, but are safe from poisoning.

A Google search for the phrase “raw eggs” combined with the word “safety” will be helpful.

Symptoms of Salmonella:

 -Severe headaches
 -Muscle aches
 -Abdominal cramping
 -Bloody diarrhea with mucous

Drink up!:smiley:

Geez, drop off 6 feet with a unicycle with no concern, someone mention eggs and suddenly eveyone is soooo uptight about safety. If you try it, get salmonella, and can prove it, I’ll let you punch me in the face*. Seriously.

  • This is, in no way, a challenge for anyone to intentionally try to get salmonella, just to punch me in the face.

Lighten up people, I know i’m gonna get bashed for saying this, but, a few raw eggs never killed anyone.

Catboy: Don’t care so much about what others say. It’s the Internet.

Yeah my dad used to be general manager of a poultry farm - he says eggs are like little bundles of nutrients and all the stuff you need, they’re very good for you. Though he said you shouldn’t eat them raw…but I don’t listen to everything he says :stuck_out_tongue:
Sounds like a good recipe Catboy, I may try it some time.

just add a couple shots of EverClear to the recipe and it will kill all the nasties.

Jagur, I wonder if you are correct.
Seems to me, you have something there!
Can anyone validate alcohol killing Salmonella (specifically)?

Jagur’s just looking for an excuse to have a flaming egg Dr. Pepper… :smiley:

Why not just pasteurized eggs?

If you by farm fresh eggs from a local farmer or somthing like I do, there is less chance of salmonella. There is no telling what they pump into those bird at them big ol werehouses. Icky!:frowning:

Screw that, if you’re coughing up the cash for the 190proof, make some Green Dragon…:smiley:

Yeah or hot sause. Tabasco stuff should kill all of that forsure. My dad goes on ships that come into philly and they offer him some food so he just dumps some of that on just in case.

You can get protein supplement powders at the health food stores. They’ve got protein, vitamins, minerals, and other stuff in them. It’s the type of stuff body builders use. Use protein powder instead of raw eggs and you’ll avoid all of this worry of Salmonella.

The problem with powders is that they can often be pretty pricy. Also, they’re not as comlete as an egg. Take a risk. Eat an egg. You shouldn’t regret it.