Really Cool Trick!!!!!!!!

Watch this…
Its like a seat whip on the ground!!! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: Its pretty cool!!!

That was freakin sick!

Can you do that rolling? Might be the new street move!

People have been doing those for a while. It is kinda cool but I don’t really like it, it requires too many set up and recovery hops. It would be really cool if it had some flow to it. I tried it like a year ago and landed on the seat I think. If someone could do that rolling and land with the seat again then it would be way awesome.

Thats not me. I saw it when I was scrolling through Uni vids on Youtube.

I think it would even be cooler if you could stand on the seat before it came all the way around!!! That would be awesome!!!

I knew a guy (Peter Holmgren, Sweden) who was trying to learn that trick in 1983. I don’t know if he ever got it, but he told me he had broken a few seats trying it. He would have been a great Street rider today. He and his friends developed seat dragging, gliding, and several other tricks that we would consider basic today!

Here’s a picture:

He was trying to show me the seat-flip thing that same snowy day. I guess that’s an occupational hazard if you live in Sweden…

Congratulations to whoever filmed the trick!

Yeah they have been around for a lil while now, but still a cool trick, I have only landed it maybe once, too many times hurting myself on it to keep it a trick in my bag. But I recal Kaycee (kaycetheace) did one pretty smooth at Moab last year…

That’s awesome! I want to learn that.

When i saw i thought they were gonna do a full 360d seat flip. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That’s me in the vid. It’s very difficult. I hurted myself several times when i tried that trick. I don’t try it often, so i need some trys to land it.

To get more flow in it you have to put the seat very low, so that you don’t have to jump as high. I thing then you could bring more flow into that.

I hope my english is not to worse :smiley:

Very cool trick. The potential for disastrous injury is huge. :astonished:

I remember seeing Kaycee do one in a video a while back.