Reagant or Longneck...?

just looking for a review/opinion of both the impact regeant frame and KH longneck. what do you think is better? why? how do they compare (if youve tried both)? what do you think of them (if your riding one of these frames now)?

im riding the reageant now, its the nicest frame ive had. light, strong.

The reagant is heavier, but a lot stronger at the fork. I snapped my longneck at the fork the first time doing the same thing that I’ve done on my reagant many times.

really? how much does a longneck weigh?

the regeant only weighs 545g

Aren’t long neck frames usually used for street or freestyle? The reagent is a trials frame… no?

the regeant was desighned for street/flat, but i use it for trials because its 40g lighter than the gravity.

I use a Longneck for Trials, but the only reason I do is because I used to hurt my knees on my seatclamp when I had my short neck, and I think a longneck frame looks cooler:p

I do mostly freestyle and flat though. a bit of trials too. but thats why i asked about these frames specifically. because they are ment for freestyle/flat but they are strong enough so that i can do street and trials on them if i really wanted to.

A longneck fits even better for trial than street, IMO. You don’t get the seat clamp in your knees while doing flips, at least, I don’t.

so what frame should i get. im not considered about weight, all that much as i mostly do flat, street and freestyle anyways and when i am doing trials, its not like im hopping up anything very high. im looking for something that is not expensive, good quality, strong, and will fit my KH hub and crank set. i was told that if i want to make the regeant fit, i just have to file down the top of the bearing holders a bit (thanks the joker :slight_smile: ) but i dont know if i want t spend a lot of money on shipping, even tho the frame is only 170. normally i would just say bedford, and that would be the end of it. but with such big clearence on his freestyle frames, especially since im shaving my tire, im not sure if its worth it as the frame may cut my shoes…

If you want something not expensive, strong and that fits a KH hub just get a Nimbus II. You got a good choice of colors and it’ pretty cheap for a really strong frame.

yeah, i thought of that, but i dont want the nubs on the frame. otherwise i would stick to the frame i have now…

You can cut them off of the frame :slight_smile: like my friend did with his:p

wont ther be holes?

Yes there will be holes… you can put grip tape on the crown so you wont see them… or try to find some plastic covers for it… But anyway, the KH is a really good frame:p You could just get a KH and it’ll be awesome.

so i would just stick the grip tape over the holes??

If you would cut the nubs yes you would put the grip tape over the holes. But I think if you do any tricks on the crown it would kill your grip tape.

so i just stuff some plastic there, throw on some grip tape and start saving for a KH… :slight_smile: the nice part about haveing 2 wheelsets is i dont have to carry around 2 unis. the down side is a gotta make the frame fork for both styles, freestyle/flat and street :stuck_out_tongue:

You could also get the nimbus street if they still make those. Those are about the same price as the Nimbus ll I think.

I know what your talking about with those numbs BTW. They are evil!

I’ve never had problems with the nubs when I was riding my Devil and my Bedford, I only hit my knees on the seatclamp witch really hurts!