Reagant or Longneck...?

well, i just got some knee braces to help out my knee problem (im only 14 and i have a knee problem…greeeaaattt:P i guess, skiing, running, unicycling, karate, rock climbing, etc will do that for yeah:P) and some of those hot and cold strips you put on your back. helping a lot. destroyed mmy last knee brace so hopefully this one will last longer. hopefully ill be back to trials by the end of the week, so i can get a better idea of what exactlty i want. i dont wanna buy a frame perfect for flat and go to do trials and say, hey this frame broke on my first drop. and vice versa (reason i dont get a gravity frame). post again at the end of the week bout what i think, but so far, i dont think a long neck is too big a concern anymore, as ive never hit my knees on the seat clamp.

I didn’t have any problems fitting my KH Wheelset on my reagant frame, it fit just fine… :thinking:

I’m pretty sure the longneck is only 470g, its definately lighter than the reagent.