**rage thread**

I’m surprised that their no official rage thread here on the forums. I figure it can be used when you either have a bad ride, some unicycle part breaks, Can’t land any tricks or anything that is unicycle related that is aggravating you. Plus It’ll be a funny thread to look back on at all the rages :slight_smile: be easy on the language too :wink: Guess i’ll start:

So I brought some $90 shoes, expecting them to last at least 6+ months after my other ones lasted almost 2 years. After 1 month I have a hole in one of them, GRRRRRRR. I went out to ride today spent 10 minutes setting up the camera, fixing my unicycle and preping to ride. So I go to try a 3 spin and the crank goes inside the hole of my shoe and now I have a bruise. Yay for crap shoes. i then packed up and went home… WORST RIDE EVER. Solution: GET SOME REAL SHOES THAT"LL LAST!!

Still waiting for my hub back, or any word, from Schlumpf Innovations… :thinking:

Monday I spent all day fixing my trials Truing wheel new tube cleaning new bearings new seat post and put spare frame on and rebuilt pedals I
went and rode some trials in the woods and while i was riding my pedals started to click. GREAT :angry: and I couldnt clear a section and I landed right into my rim and knocked it so out of true the tire was rubbing on the frame.

that was a bad day for me :frowning:

John Foss: what happend to your hub :thinking:

That sucks to have to wait so long for repairs! What needs to happen is for Florian to train and authorize people in the US to do these repairs which would reduce costs and wait time dramatically! One person that comes to mind would be Bronson Slyva. He already builds Schlumpf wheels and most likely already has a very intimate knowledge of the hubs.

So, what shoes should we not be buying?

Um, I don’t really like to rage, it doesn’t feel good.

Honestly, I ride cuz it’s fun, sorta counter to the whole rage concept and all.

Maybe you’re taking the riding thing too seriously?

It is just unicycling :smiley:

Okay, so rage, um how about fixing stuff that breaks and is new, like hubs that go bad or brakes that don’t work. I got this hub that was supposed to be da bomb, make me faster on the trails, you know. But all it does is sit on my rack and make snide comments about my sissiassness :o

Hmm, I’m not so good at this rage thing. Let me practice in the mirror and I’ll get back to ya :roll_eyes:

It broke during my century ride in June. It took me a while to get it shipped back to Switzerland, but I haven’t gotten any response to my emails. I don’t even know if it got there.

Bronson built my beautiful machine. He has also given me a “loaner” wheel while I wait. For a while I had forgotten it wasn’t my wheel, but now I’m back on the case. Bronson recommended I just call. I have to either stay up late or get up real early…

The problem with having “authorized repair people” in other countries is probably about access to parts and the tools to do what’s necessary. As they continue to improve the product, repairs are often not the solution. But I don’t know. I think I’ll try calling tonight!

True, and it isn’t good for you either. I’m not raging at Florian. But I do know the feeling of missing the same trick the same way over and over, or banging into the same, already-injured spot yet again…

Hey John, if it would help with your “rage”, you could borrow mine if I lived closer to Cali :smiley:

Okay, I’ll admit to two instances where I “raged”.

One was due to a two year period in which I was breaking a certain ski binding, i must have broken more than a dozen sets, quitting the binding system once, then going back for more, having the same problems, then quitting it for a second and final time. I blame myself, it should have been obvioUs that it was flawed when I broke three sets in the first month :o

The second was more recent, I went through a series of failed hubs, one broke on the trail and I had to walk home, took a week before I could get my muni back on the trail and I had to give up my beloved ti hub cuz the warranty would not cover me after twelve months (I was at fourteen months). The lack of appropriate warranty coverage on a known product failure was very, very irritating. Then the replacement hub started squeaking, so I got a second replacement hub and it also squeaked, so then I got a nimbus hub and my problems were solved? I rebuilt the same wheel three times, OMFG!. Thank You UDC!

I think we all know that our rages are really aimed out ourselves, one for having a problem that was self created, two for not being to resolve the problem we allowed ourselves to create, three for being dependent on another for solving this self created problem. KISS, keep it simple stoopid, it works, it may not be cutting edge, but it keeps us from gettig mad at ourselves for failures.

So, anyone wanna buy a Schlumpf before I go and ride it enough to become both dependent on it and frustrated with it failing :roll_eyes:

So anyone notice John’s quote, it is so appropriate to the subject :slight_smile:

I still get a bit raged about the disappearance of Uni Magazine.
I felt like I was pushing the limits of acceptable spending in my household, but convinced my wife it was worth it to me.
I was supporting the uni community and specifically this unique magazine.
But what bothers me the most is that I believe Mike knew the magazine was going under before he took my money. It’s the only time someone in the uni community has done me wrong. :frowning:

I broke my trials seat base trying 360 uni spins

I wrote out my whole rage, clicked submit reply and then the page didn’t load so i lost the whole thing :angry:

I may be missing the point of this thread, but there doesn’t actually seem a lot of rage on here. I don’t think there’s a single post I’d give more than 1/10.

don’t You LOSERS know how To Write A PROPER rant with random capitalisation lots of ******* eXpletives deleted and a reaL sense of anGER? WELL DON’t you?

  1. Brrrrrr. It’s getting really COLD outside.

  2. I can’t believe no one has raged that this thread belongs in JC, not Rec.Sport :angry: :angry: :angry:

Wait a minute. So rage is defined by the way you type?

And Billy, read the OP to see that this thread is where it belongs. People might rage off-topic though…

it’s a unicycling rage thread

I am so constantly filled with such supreme and nigh-uncontrollable rage and frustration about all things unicycle-related that one day I might just kick something.

Kick. Kick.



*Looks away with a nonchalant whistle."

Yesterday I got my new tripod (Manfrotto 190XPROB + 701HDV fluid head) Which is fantastic compared to my old!! btw my old tripod was made for binoculars :stuck_out_tongue:
So now you’re probably wondering why I write this in “rage thread”.
I do this because I’m so angry at the weather!!! I haven’t good any decent chance to really test it out, because I haven’t been able to film outdoor because it’s raining and (surprise surprise) everything is wet! :frowning:
I’ve also found some really creative ways to use the tripod as a crane and steadycam (few different variations of this). but then again I haven’t got any good chance to test them out, only indoor, but it’s really hard running around indoor trying to test a steadycam :frowning:
I’m really looking forward to some good weather and till next wednesday, when I can ride indoor! :smiley:

EDIT: I really like this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I couldnt do anything today !!!

As in not able to land tricks?

I’ve not even ridden for 2 days (I’ve barely been able to walk most of the time) :angry:

i went to ride some urban trials and struggled to do a 40cm hop or ride shinnies.